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November Competitions

We have three groups of 9 players – for the first 2 weeks each group will complete a round-robin – each playing every one else in their group.  Then the top two in each group automatically promote to the next highest grade (if any) and the bottom two automatically relegate to the next lowest grade (if any).  The adjusted grades then play the same format for two weeks to determine final placings.  This makes it pretty competitive especially in the middle grade where things will get real dicey at both ends of the table!



Also a reminder about the New Zealand Masters Games being held in Whanganui from 3 – 12 February 2017.  There are still a few weeks for Table Tennis entrants to secure the “Gotta Have It” Pass rate of only $45.00. Entrants will save on their registration fee if they enter by 31st October 2016.


TTNZ Nationals – Hui-Ling Vong U15 Champ

The TTNZ Nationals are complete (details @ TTNZ)…


In the teams we had some great results with our Men’s B Grade team (Ben Collins, Sean Hanson, Hayden Tapp) winning the B Grade after a down-to-the wire 4-3 win over Canterbury in the final claiming the Russell Algie Shield just in time to take off for a flight!

Hui-Ling Vong was drafted into the Manawatu under 18 girls’ team which finished 3rd – winning all her matches bar vs. a dominant Auckland team who took 1st place unbeaten in all their matches.

The under 18 boys’ team of Frank Fu & Sean Hanson, along with drafts of Carl Rodmell & Nathan Geraghty, got 3rd in the A Grade (just behind Waitemata and Auckland) including good wins 5-2 over Manawatu & 4-3 over both Canterbury & Otago.

The under 15 boys’ team of Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li, along with draft Zenith Sayer finished 7th in the A Grade, pipping Otago 4-3 at the end into 8th place.


*** Hui-Ling Vong is the under 15 girls’ champion – cleaning up against all opposition! 

*** Hui-Ling Vong is also the under 15 doubles champion – with Rachel Li!

Hui-Ling in the under 18 girls’ made it all the way through to the semi-final before bowing out to eventual winner Guiting Lu.

Joanna Roberts (with Joanne Shaw) won Silver in the Open Women’s doubles!

In the boys’ under 18s – Sean Hanson & Frank Fu won their round-robin groups with both making it to the second round of the knockout draw.  In the under 18 boys’ doubles, Sean & Frank battled through to the semi-final.  Likewise Sean played with Hui-Ling in the under 18 mixed doubles – again making it to the semi-final!

Similarly Liam Buckrell and Calvin Li made it past the round-robin phase of the under 15 boys’ event too.  In the doubles they were also semi-finalists – losing only to the eventual winners.

Paul Solt wins the D grade doubles (with Neil Chen)!

(Let me know if any results are missing here.)

Winter Interclub Series 2 Results

Full results are here: Winter Interclub 2016 Final Results

The finals of the three grades were held on Tuesday 13 September, with many interesting matchups. The Premier final saw a close match to begin with between Vance Kelly of the Waterloo Wasps against James Harter of the Empire Entertainers. Vance won in four sets, each of which had only a two point margin. From then on each of the following matches were won three straight by the Wasps who ran out 6-0 winners. Vance and Hayden Tapp each won two singles while Sean Hanson won his only match.

The Division One final also featured Empire and Waterloo teams but this time the Empire Enforcers overcame the Waterloo Wolves by 8-3. Andrew Maguire found some of his best form to be unbeaten but had solid support from the others in the team, Brendyn Shaw and Tony Rutledge.

The closest fixture was the Division Two final between two Empire teams. The Empire Elms finally beat the Empire Egrets 6-4, winning the last two matches in close five setters which could have gone either way. Vladimir Visotskiy, Soichiro Eguchi and Yudi Yudistra were the winning team. In a 3v4 fixture, The Combo beat Waterloo Whales 7-3.

In an unofficial “Plate Grade Championship” six players from Division One not involved in the final played a round robin. Liam Buckrell went through unbeaten to claim the win, with Darrell Brown 2nd and Mat Hobbs 3rd.

Summary of results

Premier:  Waterloo Wasps beat Empire Entertainers  6-0
Division One:  Empire Enforcers beat Waterloo Wolves  8-3
Division Three:
  for 1st vs. 2nd: Empire Elms beat Empire Egrets  6-4
  for 3rd vs. 4th: The Combo beat Waterloo Wolves  7-3

-Kevin Haines

Some pictures from the finals thanks to Reg Feuz!

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Winter Interclub Series 1 – Grade Champs Results

A good turnout of 23 players fronted for the Grade Championships on Tuesday following the end of Winter Interclub – Series One.

Eleven played in the Premier event, including three Division One interclub players trying something a bit more challenging, each performing well. Three pools played round robin sections with post sections also being played on a round robin basis to ensure players got plenty of matches. Remarkably, all nine post section matches went to four sets, indicating very even contests.

The winners of the Premier sections were Frank Fu, Paul Brown and Depak Patel. Their final round robin saw Depak come out on top with Frank second and Paul third.

Each of the Division One and Division Two events had six entrants and both events involved a full round robin to determine the placings. Tony Rutledge and Vladimir Vysotskiy came out on top of these groups.

Full results:

  1st  Depak Patel
  2nd  Frank Fu
  3rd  Paul Brown
Division One:
  1st  Tony Rutledge
  2nd  Darrell Brown
  3rd  Martin Xiong
Division Two:
  1st  Vladimir Vysotskiy
  2nd  Ian Grace
  3rd  Ian Thomas

-Kevin Haines

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Coaching & Training Groups

Hi all, we have two new Coaching sessions starting up for the season:

For Juniors (age 8-16) a Saturday 4:30-6pm session (see the TTW Junior Coaching Flier for details). This starts June 18.

For players at the level of Division 1 or Premier interclub standard there is a Thursday evening 7-9pm session (see the TTW Training Invitation Flier for details). This coaching group is now underway and targets preparation for the Wellington Open (July 30/31).

All sessions are at Empire in Petone.
For further information contact Richard Lee on 567 0314 or 022 0684866.

Winter Interclub – Results

The 2016 Winter Interclub Series One Finals were held June 28/29 and saw the finals of the three interclub divisions.

Premier Grade saw an exciting matchup between the top two teams of recent seasons, Titan Terriers (2015 champions) and Waterloo Wasps. A number of spectators were rewarded with a tight contest for the Hearfield Cup with no match an easy victory. In the end, Waterloo Wasps prevailed by 6 matches to 3, with superiority in the doubles being a key factor.

The playoff for third and fourth place saw Empire Entertainers too strong for Titan Trailblazers, winning 10-1.

Division One featured the Series front-runners, Empire Enforcers against Onslow Titan batting for the Chis Williams Cup. Form from the round robin matchup between these teams was reversed with Onslow Titan causing a surprise by winning 7-4. Previous title holders Waterloo Wolves beat Waterloo Wapitis 10-1 in the playoff for third and fourth.

The Division Two final between two Empire teams, Empire Elms and Empire Egrets was eagerly awaited after a close result the previous week. The Empire Egrets prevailed 7-4 with their greater depth evident, despite a valiant effect from Vladimir Vysotskiy who won three singles for the Empire Elms. In the other fixture, Waterloo Whales beat a depleted Empire Echoes team 8-3.

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Summer Interclub Wrapup & South Islands

**** Click here for the TTNZ South Islands Individuals Entry Form (May 14-15 Dunedin) ****

Also note: Business Class next comp: May 3

The full TTW 2016 summer interclub result set is here: Summer Interclub 2016 Final.  We have a rest now before winter interclub (forms are coming out soon).

Congratulations to everyone who completed.  Special congratulations though to the winners!

  • Division 1Waterloo Wasps (Sean Hanson 100%, Vance Kelly 70%)
  • Division 2: Empire Empresses (Jo Roberts 100%, Raewyn Young 50%)
  • Division 3: Empire Enigmas (Basil Kananghinis 90%, Om Thakur 80%)

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Summer Interclub 2016 Playoffs

The full team and individual standings after the Round Robin are here.

The following are the finals match ups for the end of the Summer Interclub 2016 teams competition on march 30.
A reminder that on Wednesday 6 April, Summer Interclub players are invited to participate in the Summer Interclub Grade Championships. To be included you need to register at Empire by 7.00 pm that evening or email by noon that day that you wish to be included in the draw.

Division One

1v2    Waterloo Wasps v Nomads
3v4    Empire Emperors v McConnochies
5v6    Titanium v Buckrells

Division Two

1v2    Empire Empresses v Misfits
3v4    Waterloo Whales v Waterloo Wolves
5v6    Coasters v Empire Emissaries

Division Three

1v2    Empire Enigmas v Empire Enforcers
3v4    Empire Envoys v Waterloo Whippets
5v6    Young & Dangerous v Waterloo Wapitis

Summer Interclub Round 4

It looks like an interesting night coming up on Wednesday. Plenty of opportunity for some rearranging of placings for all three grades.  Divisions 2 & 3 in particular it looking like we’re going down to the wire to qualify for that second place spot…
Here are the results so far:
 The round robin phase will finish on 23 March. On 30 March a Finals evening will be played for all teams in all of the three grades. (The top two teams after the round robin will play off, as will the teams that finished 3rd and 4th and the teams that finished 5th and 6th.)
On 6 April, there will a “Grades” type event where players will play a singles (and possibly also doubles) event against other players from their summer interclub grade (no other players eligible). Section play and knockout, the exact format will be based on the numbers that turn up. Small amounts of prize money will on offer.

Summer Interclub Round 3 Results

Things are getting tight now, over half way through the round-robin phase heading into the crunch matches now!

In division 3 the Empire Enigmas (Basil Kananghinis & Om Thakur) look like they’ll be tough to catch from here but still have to play the teams currently ranked 2 & 3.  In division 2 the Empire Empresses (Raewyn Young & Jo Roberts) are looking imperious at the top by 3 points, while in division 1 the Nomads ( John Gan & Chris Talbot) are ahead by just 2 points.

Results: Summer 16 Results Table Wk 3

Summer Interclub Round 2 Results

Round 2 Results are hot off the press right here.

Thanks to Kevin Haines for the updates.

2016 Summer Round 1 – Results

… are here – please validate your name spellings and results!

2016 Summer Interclub – Divisions & Draw

Below are the teams and here is the draw.
(also the team listing as a pdf).


1	Titanium: Depak Patel, Ryan Cronin
2	Nomads: Chris Talbot, John Gan
3	Waterloo Wasps: Sean Hanson, Vance Kelly
4	Buckrells: David Buckrell, Liam Buckrell
5	Empire Emperors: Ian Talbot, Zhidong Yu
6	McConnochies: Bryan McConnochie, Phillip McConnochie


1	Misfits: Mat Hobbs, Brendyn Shaw
2	Waterloo Wolves: Scott Higham, Craig Gear
3	Empire Empresses: Raewyn Young, Jo Roberts
4	Waterloo Whales: Adam Xiong, Martin Xiong
5	Coasters: Shane Gibson, Nabe Talabu
6	Empire Emissaries: Russell Buchanan, Darrell Brown


1	Waterloo Whippets: Dean McNicholl, Emma Hanson
2	Empire Enigmas: Om Thakur, Basil Kananghinis
3	Waterloo Wapitis: Ian Thomas, Tim Wilson
4	Empire Envoys: Sandeep Shivakumar, Graham Sole
5	Empire Enforcers: Ian Grace, Liam Johnston
6	Young & Dangerous: Travis Dyer, Soichiro Eguchi

Summer Interclub Announcement

Here is the entry form and details for the upcoming 2016 Summer Interclub series (Wednesdays, 2-player teams, best of 7 matches, Feb 24 through March 30).

Please review and coordinate with your club contact to get your teams in by Wednesday Feb 17 if at all possible.

See you there!

Prizegiving night & end of November comp

Results for the November competition are after these photos from the final night:

Grade A:

1    Ricky Yeung
2=   John Gan
2=   Jason Granville
4    Hui-Ling Vong
5    Chris Talbot
6    Ian Talbot
7    Vance Kelly
8=   David Buckrell
8=   Scott Higham
10   Zhidong Yu
11=  Gareth Telfer
11=  Larn Sweeney
11=  Paul Solt

Grade B:

1    Mat Hobbs
2    Brendyn Shaw
3    Andrew Maguire
4    Shane Gibson
5    Nabe Talabu
6=   Craig gear
6=   Russell Buchanan
6=   Martin Xiong
9=   Om Thakur
9=   Michael Zhang
11=  Liam Buckrell
11=  Virgil Kan
13   Ryan Cronin

Grade C:

1    Darrell Brown
2    Liam Johnston
3=   Soichiro Eguchi
3=   Ellen Xiong
5=   Chris Sutton
5=   Ian Grace
7    Ruben Tifigha
8    Jeff Kidd
9=   Ikkla Havukkala
9=   John Wareham
11   Jeremy Parant
12   Alvin Panugayan

Play-offs (top grade):

1       Ricky Yeing
2       Jason Granville
3       John Gan
4       Hui-ling Vong
5       Chris Talbot

Upcoming Prizegiving night Wed Nov 25 & Nov Comp Week 3 results

Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday (Nov 25) is the last night for the November competition – we are also having pizza and the prizegiving presentations in particular for the the winning winter interclub teams.  If you’re not playing earlier in the evening already, come along around 9:30pm (@ Empire) especially if your team won a winter interclub series!


November Competition Week 3 Update

Some player unavailability issues caused a few defaults this week resulting in some changes of positions within the various grades. The round robin part of the competition has now concluded with the draw for 25 November being based on the finishing positions. All players who have played are invited to the one-off evening which will have players playing in a five player round robin against others who finished near them in the main draw. There is no obligation to attend, but if players are not going to play, it would be appreciated if they could forward a message to that effect.

-Kevin Haines

Results for the grades are as follows

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November 2015 Competition – Week 2

The second night of the November round robin competition saw some more changes of fortune as the random draw had further impact. Many games this week were close but it could be said that the favourites in each grade are beginning to show through. Next week sees the end of the round robin phase in each grade. Results after the two weeks are as follows:

Grade A

7 wins                   J Granville, H-L Vong, R Yeung
6 wins                   J Gan, 
5 wins                   C Talbot
4 wins                   D Buckrell, V Kelly, I Talbot
3 wins                   S Higham, Z Yu
1 win                    P Solt, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer

Grade B

8 wins                   B Shaw
7 wins                   M Hobbs, A Maguire
6 wins                   N Talabu
5 wins                   S Gibson
4 wins                   M Xiong, M Zhang
3 wins                   L Buckrell
2 wins                   R Buchanan, V Kan, O Thakur
1 win                    C Gear, R Cronin

Grade C

7 wins                   D Brown, L Johnston
6 wins                   S Eguchi, R Tofiga, E Xiong
5 wins                   I Grace, C Sutton
4 wins                   J Kidd
2 wins                   I Havukkala, J Parant
1 win                    A Panugayan, J Wareham

-Kevin Haines

November Week 1

The first night of the November round robin competition saw some interesting situations with the random draw and the plastic balls providing variable outcomes. The random draw in particular resulted in some mixed feelings about some tough match ups but over three weeks all will even out. A special mention should go to those who demonstrated willingness to umpire as required and helped ensure that most tables were regularly used. There probably still needs to be a bit of flexibility in replacing umpires so that other matches can get under way but things will work out fine.

Grade A

4 wins                   R Yeung
3 wins                   J Gan, J Granville, C Talbot, H-L Vong, D Buckrell
2 wins                   I Talbot, S Higham
1 win                    Z Yu, V Kelly, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer, P Solt

Grade B

4 wins                   A Maguire, M Hobbs, B Shaw
3 wins                   S Gibson, M Zhang
2 wins                   V Kan
1 win                    R Cronin, O Thakur, N Talabu, M Xiong, R Buchanan
0 wins                   C Gear, L Buckrell

Grade C

4 wins                   S Eguchi, D Brown
3 wins                   L Johnston, R Tofiga, I Grace
2 wins                   C Sutton, J Nelson, E Xiong
1 win                    I Havukkala, J Wareham, J Kidd
0 wins                   J Parant, A Panugayan

-Kevin Haines

November 2015 Competition

The following entries have been received for the competition each Wednesday of November at the Empire club rooms, Petone, scheduled to start no later than 7.15 each evening (doors open from approx. 6.30 pm.)

Player list (in no particular order or grade):

Liam Johnston Chris Talbot Ian Talbot
Zhidong Yu Shane Gibson Nabe Talabu
Russell Buchanan Jon Gan Jason Granville
Scott Higham Ricky Yeung Liam Buckrell
David Buckrell Jeremy Parant Ian Grace
Ryan Cronin Om Thakur Soichiro Eguchi
Ilkkala Havukkala Hui-Ling Vong Chris Sutton
Alvin Panugayan Jimi Nelson Michael Zhang
John Wareham Matthew Hobbs Brendyn Shaw
Larn Sweeney Virgil Kan Gareth Telfer
Vance Kelly Simon Jung Craig Gear
Martin Xiong Darrell Brown Paul Solt

There are several places still available for late entries. Should anyone wish to submit a late entry, please contact Kevin Haines via no later than 4.00 pm on Monday, 2 November.

Players are requested to be, if possible, at Empire by 7.00 pm on the Wednesday 4 November to hear the final details of how the competition will take place. The aim is to have three grades with 13 players in each, to play against each of the other 12 in their group over the first three weeks with playoffs in week four.

A reminder that plastic balls will be used.

-Kevin Haines

November Competition – Entry Form

Here is the entry form for the November Competition: as a pdf & as a Word doc.

The details of the competition are here.

TTW 2015 November Comp Entry Form

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