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Summer Interclub Round 4

It looks like an interesting night coming up on Wednesday. Plenty of opportunity for some rearranging of placings for all three grades.  Divisions 2 & 3 in particular it looking like we’re going down to the wire to qualify for that second place spot…
Here are the results so far:
 The round robin phase will finish on 23 March. On 30 March a Finals evening will be played for all teams in all of the three grades. (The top two teams after the round robin will play off, as will the teams that finished 3rd and 4th and the teams that finished 5th and 6th.)
On 6 April, there will a “Grades” type event where players will play a singles (and possibly also doubles) event against other players from their summer interclub grade (no other players eligible). Section play and knockout, the exact format will be based on the numbers that turn up. Small amounts of prize money will on offer.

Summer Interclub Round 3 Results

Things are getting tight now, over half way through the round-robin phase heading into the crunch matches now!

In division 3 the Empire Enigmas (Basil Kananghinis & Om Thakur) look like they’ll be tough to catch from here but still have to play the teams currently ranked 2 & 3.  In division 2 the Empire Empresses (Raewyn Young & Jo Roberts) are looking imperious at the top by 3 points, while in division 1 the Nomads ( John Gan & Chris Talbot) are ahead by just 2 points.

Results: Summer 16 Results Table Wk 3

Summer Interclub Round 2 Results

Round 2 Results are hot off the press right here.

Thanks to Kevin Haines for the updates.

2016 Summer Round 1 – Results

… are here – please validate your name spellings and results!

2016 Summer Interclub – Divisions & Draw

Below are the teams and here is the draw.
(also the team listing as a pdf).


1	Titanium: Depak Patel, Ryan Cronin
2	Nomads: Chris Talbot, John Gan
3	Waterloo Wasps: Sean Hanson, Vance Kelly
4	Buckrells: David Buckrell, Liam Buckrell
5	Empire Emperors: Ian Talbot, Zhidong Yu
6	McConnochies: Bryan McConnochie, Phillip McConnochie


1	Misfits: Mat Hobbs, Brendyn Shaw
2	Waterloo Wolves: Scott Higham, Craig Gear
3	Empire Empresses: Raewyn Young, Jo Roberts
4	Waterloo Whales: Adam Xiong, Martin Xiong
5	Coasters: Shane Gibson, Nabe Talabu
6	Empire Emissaries: Russell Buchanan, Darrell Brown


1	Waterloo Whippets: Dean McNicholl, Emma Hanson
2	Empire Enigmas: Om Thakur, Basil Kananghinis
3	Waterloo Wapitis: Ian Thomas, Tim Wilson
4	Empire Envoys: Sandeep Shivakumar, Graham Sole
5	Empire Enforcers: Ian Grace, Liam Johnston
6	Young & Dangerous: Travis Dyer, Soichiro Eguchi

Summer Interclub Announcement

Here is the entry form and details for the upcoming 2016 Summer Interclub series (Wednesdays, 2-player teams, best of 7 matches, Feb 24 through March 30).

Please review and coordinate with your club contact to get your teams in by Wednesday Feb 17 if at all possible.

See you there!

Prizegiving night & end of November comp

Results for the November competition are after these photos from the final night:

Grade A:

1    Ricky Yeung
2=   John Gan
2=   Jason Granville
4    Hui-Ling Vong
5    Chris Talbot
6    Ian Talbot
7    Vance Kelly
8=   David Buckrell
8=   Scott Higham
10   Zhidong Yu
11=  Gareth Telfer
11=  Larn Sweeney
11=  Paul Solt

Grade B:

1    Mat Hobbs
2    Brendyn Shaw
3    Andrew Maguire
4    Shane Gibson
5    Nabe Talabu
6=   Craig gear
6=   Russell Buchanan
6=   Martin Xiong
9=   Om Thakur
9=   Michael Zhang
11=  Liam Buckrell
11=  Virgil Kan
13   Ryan Cronin

Grade C:

1    Darrell Brown
2    Liam Johnston
3=   Soichiro Eguchi
3=   Ellen Xiong
5=   Chris Sutton
5=   Ian Grace
7    Ruben Tifigha
8    Jeff Kidd
9=   Ikkla Havukkala
9=   John Wareham
11   Jeremy Parant
12   Alvin Panugayan

Play-offs (top grade):

1       Ricky Yeing
2       Jason Granville
3       John Gan
4       Hui-ling Vong
5       Chris Talbot

Upcoming Prizegiving night Wed Nov 25 & Nov Comp Week 3 results

Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday (Nov 25) is the last night for the November competition – we are also having pizza and the prizegiving presentations in particular for the the winning winter interclub teams.  If you’re not playing earlier in the evening already, come along around 9:30pm (@ Empire) especially if your team won a winter interclub series!


November Competition Week 3 Update

Some player unavailability issues caused a few defaults this week resulting in some changes of positions within the various grades. The round robin part of the competition has now concluded with the draw for 25 November being based on the finishing positions. All players who have played are invited to the one-off evening which will have players playing in a five player round robin against others who finished near them in the main draw. There is no obligation to attend, but if players are not going to play, it would be appreciated if they could forward a message to that effect.

-Kevin Haines

Results for the grades are as follows

Continue reading “Upcoming Prizegiving night Wed Nov 25 & Nov Comp Week 3 results”

November 2015 Competition – Week 2

The second night of the November round robin competition saw some more changes of fortune as the random draw had further impact. Many games this week were close but it could be said that the favourites in each grade are beginning to show through. Next week sees the end of the round robin phase in each grade. Results after the two weeks are as follows:

Grade A

7 wins                   J Granville, H-L Vong, R Yeung
6 wins                   J Gan, 
5 wins                   C Talbot
4 wins                   D Buckrell, V Kelly, I Talbot
3 wins                   S Higham, Z Yu
1 win                    P Solt, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer

Grade B

8 wins                   B Shaw
7 wins                   M Hobbs, A Maguire
6 wins                   N Talabu
5 wins                   S Gibson
4 wins                   M Xiong, M Zhang
3 wins                   L Buckrell
2 wins                   R Buchanan, V Kan, O Thakur
1 win                    C Gear, R Cronin

Grade C

7 wins                   D Brown, L Johnston
6 wins                   S Eguchi, R Tofiga, E Xiong
5 wins                   I Grace, C Sutton
4 wins                   J Kidd
2 wins                   I Havukkala, J Parant
1 win                    A Panugayan, J Wareham

-Kevin Haines

November Week 1

The first night of the November round robin competition saw some interesting situations with the random draw and the plastic balls providing variable outcomes. The random draw in particular resulted in some mixed feelings about some tough match ups but over three weeks all will even out. A special mention should go to those who demonstrated willingness to umpire as required and helped ensure that most tables were regularly used. There probably still needs to be a bit of flexibility in replacing umpires so that other matches can get under way but things will work out fine.

Grade A

4 wins                   R Yeung
3 wins                   J Gan, J Granville, C Talbot, H-L Vong, D Buckrell
2 wins                   I Talbot, S Higham
1 win                    Z Yu, V Kelly, L Sweeney
0 wins                   G Telfer, P Solt

Grade B

4 wins                   A Maguire, M Hobbs, B Shaw
3 wins                   S Gibson, M Zhang
2 wins                   V Kan
1 win                    R Cronin, O Thakur, N Talabu, M Xiong, R Buchanan
0 wins                   C Gear, L Buckrell

Grade C

4 wins                   S Eguchi, D Brown
3 wins                   L Johnston, R Tofiga, I Grace
2 wins                   C Sutton, J Nelson, E Xiong
1 win                    I Havukkala, J Wareham, J Kidd
0 wins                   J Parant, A Panugayan

-Kevin Haines

November 2015 Competition

The following entries have been received for the competition each Wednesday of November at the Empire club rooms, Petone, scheduled to start no later than 7.15 each evening (doors open from approx. 6.30 pm.)

Player list (in no particular order or grade):

Liam Johnston Chris Talbot Ian Talbot
Zhidong Yu Shane Gibson Nabe Talabu
Russell Buchanan Jon Gan Jason Granville
Scott Higham Ricky Yeung Liam Buckrell
David Buckrell Jeremy Parant Ian Grace
Ryan Cronin Om Thakur Soichiro Eguchi
Ilkkala Havukkala Hui-Ling Vong Chris Sutton
Alvin Panugayan Jimi Nelson Michael Zhang
John Wareham Matthew Hobbs Brendyn Shaw
Larn Sweeney Virgil Kan Gareth Telfer
Vance Kelly Simon Jung Craig Gear
Martin Xiong Darrell Brown Paul Solt

There are several places still available for late entries. Should anyone wish to submit a late entry, please contact Kevin Haines via no later than 4.00 pm on Monday, 2 November.

Players are requested to be, if possible, at Empire by 7.00 pm on the Wednesday 4 November to hear the final details of how the competition will take place. The aim is to have three grades with 13 players in each, to play against each of the other 12 in their group over the first three weeks with playoffs in week four.

A reminder that plastic balls will be used.

-Kevin Haines

November Competition – Entry Form

Here is the entry form for the November Competition: as a pdf & as a Word doc.

The details of the competition are here.

TTW 2015 November Comp Entry Form

November Competition Announcement (Wednesdays) – aka Spring Interclub

Big November, Super 13, call it what you like, the next spring competition is something a bit different for Wellington table tennis.

For the last few years the period from late October to early December has seen a Composite teams competition that attempts to match up teams of similar overall standard. Unfortunately, with fewer players entering the standard has tended to be less concentrated resulting in a reduced enjoyment factor. There have also been difficulties in finding replacements, given that the teams are not Club based.

For 2015, a new competition is proposed with players entering as individuals. The top 13 will be placed in one group with hopefully sufficient entries to make up a further two groups, also of 13 players. Each group would play a round robin over 3 weeks, playing four singles matches (best of 5 sets) per week, the order of the draw being generated on a random basis. There will be no doubles matches. Four tables would be used for each group ensuring a reasonable finish time.

On the final week, the top 5 players would play in a round robin playoff. The next 5 players would also play off against each other, with the last 3 players playing off with the top 2 players of the grade below. The other players in lower grades would in turn also have a playoff in groups of 5 on the same basis.

It is hoped that this will stimulate some interest in players staying involved during November. The competition is planned to take place each of the four Wednesdays during November. Obviously, if a player is unavailable during that period, there is no point in entering, although a player who can play for three of the nights could enter with a lesser rated player nominated in advance as a substitute for a given night. (The interclub committee would rule on the acceptability of the player so nominated.)

A small amount of prize money will be on offer.

Please give this competition some serious thought. Players may enter through your clubs or directly to me at Entries are tentatively scheduled to close on 27 October 2015. Be in to assure your place.

At this stage it is planned that plastic balls will be used. This will be a good opportunity to prepare for 2016.

-Kevin Haines

Nationals update…

Our mens team of Hayden Tapp, Ricky Yeung, Ben Collins and Sean Hanson has won their grading match 4-0 against Waikato to get into the A grade. Results here…

Hayden bt. Matthew Hetherington

Ricky bt. Jon Jon Zhao

Ben bt. Mark Page

Hayden & Ricky won the doubles.

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the tournament!

Winter Interclub Series 2 RESULT & Ben Collins to represent New Zealand

NEWSFLASH: TTNZ have selected Ben Collins in the New Zealand Team to attend the Commonwealth Championships in Surat, India (Dec 16-21) – Congratulation to Ben!

Here is a report on the Series 2 finals night from Kevin Haines…

A good crowd turned up at Empire to watch the Winter Interclub Series Two finals on the 15th of September.

The final of the Premier grade was between Titan Terriers (Ben Collins, Ricky Yeung, Lindsay Ward) and Waterloo Wasps (Hayden Tapp, Sean Hanson, Vance Kelly, with John Gan in reserve).

Right from the first round of singles it was obvious that a win for either was not going to come easily. Titan edged ahead 2-1, but the first doubles quickly restored an even situation. The second group of singles again put the Terriers into a slender lead and a win in the second doubles gave a 5-3 lead in the race to 6 points.

Probably the match of the night given the situation came next and was between Ricky Yeung and Sean Hanson and this went to the wire with little between them over five close sets, Ricky finally coming out on top with an 11-9 fifth set victory. This made the score 6-3 to the Terriers and recipients of the Tommy Williams Cup once again.

In another tough final, Waterloo Wolves (Gareth Telfer, Craig Gear, Scott Higham) played Empire Elders (Tony Rutledge, Bob Leeming, Bruce Connolly) in the final of Division One.

Again there a number of early games which were close but the Wolves opened up an early 3-0 lead and at one stage led 5-1, with the Elders only win at that stage being the first doubles. Slowly though, the Elders fought their way back to only being 4-5 down with potentially two matches remaining. A good four set victory for Gareth Telfer over Tony Rutledge sealed the 6-4 win to the Wolves in a fixture which only saw one three straight match. The Wolves thus now hold the Chris Williams Trophy.

In Division Two, Waterloo Whales (Ellen Xiong, Martin Xiong, Chris Sutton) played Empire Egrets (Graham Sole, Darrell Brown, Simon Jung). This was a good tussle although the Whales confirmed their favouritism with a 7-4 victory. Martin maintained his 100% record for the season for the Whales, while Graham Sole fought hard, achieving two wins, both to advantage in the fifth sets.

In other matches on the programme, in Premier Empire Eveready beat Titan Trail Blazers 7-0 and Empire Energisers beat Waterloo-Titan Wanderers 7-4. In Division Two, The Combo beat Empire Eskimos 6-2 and Waterloo Walnuts beat Empire Echoes 7-4.

Full results

Titan Terriers beat Waterloo Wasps 6-3 (Final)
Empire Eveready beat Titan Trail Blazers 7-0
Empire Energisers beat Waterloo-Titan Wanderers 7-4

Division One
Waterloo Wolves beat Empire Elders 6-4 (Final)

Division Two
Waterloo Whales beat Empire Egrets 7-4 (Final)
The Combo beat Empire Eskimos 6-2
Waterloo Walnuts beat Empire Echoes 7-4

Congratulations to all teams, particularly the three grade winners.

-Kevin Haines

Winter Interclub Series 2 FINALS – Tuesday September 15

Premier Final

Titan Terriers v Waterloo Wasps

Division One Final

Waterloo Wolves v Empire Elders

Division Two Final

Waterloo Whales v Empire Egrets

In addition there are two other playoff fixtures in both Premier and Division Two grades.

The stats are here: Premier & Divisions (please verify your and your team’s numbers).

& The cups…

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Series 2 Interclub latest

Semi finals and coming up, division 2 has one last round robin with some crucial clashes taking place before a grand final on Sep 15 (Tuesday – also this is the Premier final).
The division 1 final will also be on that Tuesday so come along and watch!

For all the stats:
Divisions 1 & 2

Winter Interclub Week 6 (Premier)/Week5 (Divisions)

The latest sheet is here: Winter Results Tables-Series 2 25-26th August.

For Premier, the Titan Terriers are comfortable at the top even with a game in hand this week for the end of the round-robin before the knock outs.

For Division 1, the round robin is complete – refer to the spreadsheet for the matchings and progressions.

For Division 2 it doesn’t look like there’s much of a gap between the first four teams, with two more weeks of round-robin it’s all on in the final stretch.
On that note, thanks to Reg for sending in some photos from a recent Tuesday night:

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Winter Interclub Stats as of Aug 11-12

the spreadsheet pdf is here: Winter Results Tables-Series 2-11_12_Aug.

Trophy Photos and Winter Interclub Series 2 latest

The latest table and individual statistics are here: Winter Results Tables-Series 2 Aug 10

Also there is an updated Premier grade team member listing draw-sheet here: 2015 Winter Interclub Series 2 Premier Teams Draw Updated

As a reminder of what the Premier and Division 1 teams are playing for here are some photos of the newly donated cups!

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While I remember, below is a photo of the Division 1 (Tony Rutledge on the left) and Division 2 (Martin Xiong on the right) grade champions (from the grade champs night). Chris Sutton is the Division 3 grade champion. Congratulations to all three!

2015 Winter Interclub Grade Champions Div 1 (Tony Rutledge) and Div 2 (Martin Xiong)
2015 Winter Interclub Grade Champions Div 1 (Tony Rutledge) and Div 2 (Martin Xiong)

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