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College Sport Wellington Schools Competition

Update: The draw for next week (June 4-6):

This is part of the comprehensive Table Tennis Wellington schools program with endless hours of coaching by Stephen Hirst at many schools in the Wellington/Hutt Valley area and competitive events such as this one between the schools.

Thanks to Stephen (and helpers!) and CollegeSport Wellington for being able to run this program.

PS: An example score-sheet is here.

Regional Schools – Final Results

Perhaps the biggest thing this year was the big push this year into secondary schools in combination with the primary/intermediates. Thanks to Andrew Hubbard who worked closely with College Sport Wellington for the secondary schools and The Lion Foundation for the primary/intermediate school work. (See also Andrew’s earlier entries on this blog under TTW:Schools for a glimpse into coaching and development in the schools in our area.)

For the record, here are the final results for the recent schools teams competition:
2010 Regional Intermediate Tournament Results
CSW 2010 Secondary Schools


Premier Girls:
1st: HVHS : Helen Wu, Ellen Xiong, Philippa Morris, Shannon Fitzgerald
2nd (equal): Kapiti College : Mako Nishikawa, Ariana Te Raugiita, Ruby Meres, Yuri Sato
and Chilton St James 1 : Natalia Walker, Mikie Milloy, Stef McCallum, Victoria Munn

Division 2 Girls:
1st: Sacred Heart College 2 : Danielle Duggan, Teneya Nicole, Michelle Pather, Keely Cherry
2nd: Sacred Heart College 3 : Wairemana Williams, Teresa Warner, Jess Andrew, Belinda Dodge

Premier 1-Boys:
1st: Upper Hutt : Martin Murdoch, Conal Warrender, Jermaine Harawia
2nd: Onslow College : Noam Bar-Shalom, Rory McKenzie, Evan Simmers

Premier 2-Boys:
1st: HVHS 2 : Callum Gates, Ian Wang, Craig Morgan, Steven Cheong
2nd (equal): HVHS 3: Stefan Vrecic, Gareth Telfer, Garrett Fitzgerald, Yao Chun
and Kapiti College 1 : Naoki Suo, Joe Harris, Max Beckman, Daniel Reupke

Premier 3-Boys:
1st: Wellington College 2 : Cheyaathan Haran, Arjun Sundareshwar, Cameron Crofts, Sam Cooper, James Partridge, Gavin Hewitson
2nd (equal): Onslow College 2 : Jack Walker-Bowell, Rhune Pettit, Rowan Stimpson, Conor Harrison
and Newlands College 1 : Sam Chittenden, Thomas Chittenden, Joanna Judge, Karan Sood

Premier 4-Boys:
1st: Upper Hutt College 2 : Daniel Dexter, Jesse Pullen, Matt Reynecke, Alex Zurek
2nd (equal): HVHS 5 : Rob Salisbury, Donald Tang, Louie Thie, Brandon Ngan
and Wellington High 1 : Jeremy Le Garrec, Jackson Croft, Sam Forman, Jeremy Sutton, Christy

Premier 5-Boys:
1st: St Patricks Silverstream 5 : Kameron Field, Nikau Fiso, Angelo Miranda, Jermaine Rodgers
2nd: Kapiti College 2 : William Duncan, Daniel Ellison, Janosch Nagy

Premier 6-Boys:
1st: Newlands College : Neel Patel, Andrew Withers, Scott Edgecomb, Riddhesh Bardiy, Quijada Munoz
2nd: St Patricks Silverstream 6 : Lewis Barr-Brown, Ryan Drake, Steven Mitchell, Cory Van de Coolwijk


Premier Boys:
1st: Hutt Intermediate 1 : Liam Campbell, Kieran Mouton, Jordan Duff
2nd: Wellesley College 1 : Willem van der Wilt, Christian Davey, Ben Linton

Division 2 Boys:
1st: Wellesley College 3 : Jules Harrey, Louis Stevens, John Clearwater, Christian Webby
2nd: Wellesley College 4 : James Watkins, Toka Sopoaga, Hayden Nickel, Hector McLachlan

Division 3 Boys:
1st: Wainuiomta Intermediate 1 : Sunzer Wu, Caleb Smith, Scott Saengpanya, Ryan Millar
2nd: Karori West Normal School 2 : Jordan Collicoat, Michael Woods, Mitchell Crayford, George Nesus-Stainton

Girl’s Division:
1st: Hutt Intermediate 1 : Angela Chapman, Mia Paranihi, Trinity Masoe, Brea Rolton
2nd: Naenae Intermediate 1 : Naea Albert, Fonofa Fale, Danche Anae, Dianna Oloapu

Wellington High School Table Tennis Club a Big Hit



 Under the direction of Wellington High School Head of Sport Mrs Di Jordan, Wellington High have been the first school in the Wellington region to benefit from the sponsorship arrangement TTW have entered into with one of New Zealand’s leading providers of sports equipment Rebel Sport. Following a very well attended demonstration to promote the term three Wellington zone interschools competition Mrs Jordan was the driving force to get a school  table tennis club up and running. Three new Double Fish Deluxe roll away tables were purchased to complement the existing school tables as well as nets, bats and balls and going by the turnouts at the club so far more tables will be required.  TTW coach Andrew Hubbard commented ‘ It’s great to see so many students enjoying table tennis, today there were around 60 students playing, many  new to the sport and I am hopeful that we’ll see a good number of these students taking part in the Interschools comp which will commence on Tuesday 10 August at the TTW Newtown stadium.”

College Sport Wellington High School Comp off to a good start

The inaugural College Sport Wellington Table Tennis competition got underway on Wednesday 2 June. The Hutt Valley zone saw 28 teams from eight High Schools take part. TTW Chairman Bruce Northover along with TTW stalwart Alan Costley were on hand to assist with the running of the event and also a special thanks to Maggie Dyer from the Empire club for opening the canteen.  Table Tennis Wellington Coach Andrew Hubbard  who as part of the Kiwisport initiative has been around the Hutt Valley Schools promoting this event commented that he was ‘very happy withthe  28 teams entered , and that he will be making a promotional drive into Wellington City Schools coming up later this term.’

There was a strong performance from HIBS first team beating HVHS 2, 7-0. The two Chin brothers Jeoffrey and Garret combing with Josh Baker who is strong in the third slot. They are one of the  favourites to win the Premier Grade.

Taita 1 lost 7-0 to HVHS 1 which was expected but Taita’s Rueben Reid nearly upset HVHS rep player Matthew Sheppard losing 12-10 in the fifth.

Taita 2 had  an unexpectedly  decisive 7-0 win over HVHS 3 which is a good result for them. Taita 3 also beat Upper Hutt 2  5-2 so it was a good day for Taita College.

TTW, COLLEGE SPORT WELLINGTON and KIWISPORT combine to grow table tennis in Wellington region High schools

As part of the KiwiSport initiatives, Table Tennis Wellington , as part of a project have been granted some funding support to promote/grow/introduce Table Tennis into Secondary Schools of the region.

Table Tennis Wellington believe the huge interest shown in the yearly one off College Championships is an indicator that a weekly competition for High School students has the potential to develop into a competition attracting hundreds of participants.

Table Tennis Wellington coach Andrew Hubbard has been charged with driving this programme which will be piloted this term in Hutt Valley Schools and expanding to Wellington & possibly Western Bays Schools in term 3.

Essentially there are 3 programme components: School Demonstrations, Coaching for students provided at the competition venues and schools and competition commencing Wednesday 26 May [4.00-6.00] at the Empire table tennis Club and running for 6 consecutive week. This promo, coaching , competition program format will be replicated in Wellington in Term 3 based at the Wellington Table Tennis Stadium commencing 10 August – 14 September.

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