The inaugural College Sport Wellington Table Tennis competition got underway on Wednesday 2 June. The Hutt Valley zone saw 28 teams from eight High Schools take part. TTW Chairman Bruce Northover along with TTW stalwart Alan Costley were on hand to assist with the running of the event and also a special thanks to Maggie Dyer from the Empire club for opening the canteen.  Table Tennis Wellington Coach Andrew Hubbard  who as part of the Kiwisport initiative has been around the Hutt Valley Schools promoting this event commented that he was ‘very happy withthe  28 teams entered , and that he will be making a promotional drive into Wellington City Schools coming up later this term.’

There was a strong performance from HIBS first team beating HVHS 2, 7-0. The two Chin brothers Jeoffrey and Garret combing with Josh Baker who is strong in the third slot. They are one of the  favourites to win the Premier Grade.

Taita 1 lost 7-0 to HVHS 1 which was expected but Taita’s Rueben Reid nearly upset HVHS rep player Matthew Sheppard losing 12-10 in the fifth.

Taita 2 had  an unexpectedly  decisive 7-0 win over HVHS 3 which is a good result for them. Taita 3 also beat Upper Hutt 2  5-2 so it was a good day for Taita College.