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Regional Schools – Final Results

Perhaps the biggest thing this year was the big push this year into secondary schools in combination with the primary/intermediates. Thanks to Andrew Hubbard who worked closely with College Sport Wellington for the secondary schools and The Lion Foundation for the primary/intermediate school work. (See also Andrew’s earlier entries on this blog under TTW:Schools for a glimpse into coaching and development in the schools in our area.)

For the record, here are the final results for the recent schools teams competition:
2010 Regional Intermediate Tournament Results
CSW 2010 Secondary Schools


Premier Girls:
1st: HVHS : Helen Wu, Ellen Xiong, Philippa Morris, Shannon Fitzgerald
2nd (equal): Kapiti College : Mako Nishikawa, Ariana Te Raugiita, Ruby Meres, Yuri Sato
and Chilton St James 1 : Natalia Walker, Mikie Milloy, Stef McCallum, Victoria Munn

Division 2 Girls:
1st: Sacred Heart College 2 : Danielle Duggan, Teneya Nicole, Michelle Pather, Keely Cherry
2nd: Sacred Heart College 3 : Wairemana Williams, Teresa Warner, Jess Andrew, Belinda Dodge

Premier 1-Boys:
1st: Upper Hutt : Martin Murdoch, Conal Warrender, Jermaine Harawia
2nd: Onslow College : Noam Bar-Shalom, Rory McKenzie, Evan Simmers

Premier 2-Boys:
1st: HVHS 2 : Callum Gates, Ian Wang, Craig Morgan, Steven Cheong
2nd (equal): HVHS 3: Stefan Vrecic, Gareth Telfer, Garrett Fitzgerald, Yao Chun
and Kapiti College 1 : Naoki Suo, Joe Harris, Max Beckman, Daniel Reupke

Premier 3-Boys:
1st: Wellington College 2 : Cheyaathan Haran, Arjun Sundareshwar, Cameron Crofts, Sam Cooper, James Partridge, Gavin Hewitson
2nd (equal): Onslow College 2 : Jack Walker-Bowell, Rhune Pettit, Rowan Stimpson, Conor Harrison
and Newlands College 1 : Sam Chittenden, Thomas Chittenden, Joanna Judge, Karan Sood

Premier 4-Boys:
1st: Upper Hutt College 2 : Daniel Dexter, Jesse Pullen, Matt Reynecke, Alex Zurek
2nd (equal): HVHS 5 : Rob Salisbury, Donald Tang, Louie Thie, Brandon Ngan
and Wellington High 1 : Jeremy Le Garrec, Jackson Croft, Sam Forman, Jeremy Sutton, Christy

Premier 5-Boys:
1st: St Patricks Silverstream 5 : Kameron Field, Nikau Fiso, Angelo Miranda, Jermaine Rodgers
2nd: Kapiti College 2 : William Duncan, Daniel Ellison, Janosch Nagy

Premier 6-Boys:
1st: Newlands College : Neel Patel, Andrew Withers, Scott Edgecomb, Riddhesh Bardiy, Quijada Munoz
2nd: St Patricks Silverstream 6 : Lewis Barr-Brown, Ryan Drake, Steven Mitchell, Cory Van de Coolwijk


Premier Boys:
1st: Hutt Intermediate 1 : Liam Campbell, Kieran Mouton, Jordan Duff
2nd: Wellesley College 1 : Willem van der Wilt, Christian Davey, Ben Linton

Division 2 Boys:
1st: Wellesley College 3 : Jules Harrey, Louis Stevens, John Clearwater, Christian Webby
2nd: Wellesley College 4 : James Watkins, Toka Sopoaga, Hayden Nickel, Hector McLachlan

Division 3 Boys:
1st: Wainuiomta Intermediate 1 : Sunzer Wu, Caleb Smith, Scott Saengpanya, Ryan Millar
2nd: Karori West Normal School 2 : Jordan Collicoat, Michael Woods, Mitchell Crayford, George Nesus-Stainton

Girl’s Division:
1st: Hutt Intermediate 1 : Angela Chapman, Mia Paranihi, Trinity Masoe, Brea Rolton
2nd: Naenae Intermediate 1 : Naea Albert, Fonofa Fale, Danche Anae, Dianna Oloapu

Wellesley School Demonstation

Wellesley School were the Wellington region Intermediate boys champions in 2009 and won the central zone inter primary schools competition earlier this year. Obviously this is not a co-incidence. Organised by Mr Darren Houston and Mr Murray Blanford the school are currently half way through a knock out competition. There are a 128 players taking part. Regular practise sessions take part on the schools three tables.  Organised by Mr Darren Houston on Friday 21 May, TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard and former Chinese provincial player Catherine Zhou carried out a demonstration at the school. Plans to return to provide coaching sessions were made and certainly Wellesley will be a school to watch out for again at this years championship .

Chilton St James Demonstation

Thursday 20th saw TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard together with Catherine Zhou carry out a demonstration at Chilton St James school.  A large number of interested students and teachers gathered in the school gym to watch the demonstration.  Andrew commented ” My thanks to Head of Sport Ann Fowler for organising this visit. The demonstration went particularly well,  the students were very keen and interested to learn more about table tennis. Nearly all of the students came up to have a go at returning Catherine’s high toss serve  which they all really enjoyed”.  The demonstration ended with a number of students registering to play in the new College Sport Wellington weekly schools competition which will be starting on Wednesday 2 June  at the Empire Table Tennis Stadium.

Evans Bay Intermediate Benefit from TTW Schools Program

Beginning this Wednesday 19th May a group of 40 keen students from Evans bay Intermediate will take part in  a seven week table tennis skills program.  The program has been co-ordinated by Evans Bay School Teachers Mrs Mary Sagato and Mrs Gina Newman. TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard commented ” I’m very grateful to Mrs Mary Sagato and Mrs Gina Newman for organising this program and look forward to working with them to grow table tennis in the future.”

Hutt Intermediate Girls Squad Training

On Wednesday 19th May TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard began a seven week program at Hutt Intermediate school working with a group of keen girls.  Andrew commented”  Given the difficulties we have experienced getting more girls into regular training I’m especially delighted to be working with this group of girls, I’d like to thank both Mrs Paula Willis-Love and Mrs Catherine Sawyer for their support and organisation of this initiative.”

Gracefield Primary School – A great age to start playing table tennis.


Many Wellington Table Tennis players will remember the name Simon Edmonds, the former nationally ranked player and winner of numerous NZL titles while representing Hutt Valley is now the Principal of Gracefield School.  TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard has been carrying out coaching visits to Gracefield school on Friday mornings. The program will run for seven consecutive weeks with five classes each day learning the basics of table tennis and being encouraged to go the next step and join a club.

Standing room only at Hutt Intermediate demonstration

On Wednesday 12th May TTW Coach( and former student at the school )Andrew Hubbard together with former pro Catherine Zhou performed a demonstration at Hutt Intermediate. The visit was organised by Mrs Paula Willis-Love and Mrs Catherine Sawyer, both who are keen to see the sport grow at the school .  The school have  three good quality Butterfly tables permanently set up in the school where students are able to play before school, at breaks and after school.

The demonstration attracted a large number of students and as well as the opportunity to try and return Catherine’s service the students were given information about where to go and play in clubs in the Hutt Valley.

Andrew will be returning weekly to carry out coaching sessions with both the boys and the girls.

Inter primary school competition a big success.

Played at the Waterloo school hall on Wednesday 28th April the annual competion for the central zone  primary schools  was attended by Wellesley College, Eastern Hutt school, Muratai, Waterloo and Saint’s  Peter and  Paul school.  Association stalwarts Alan Costley and Bruce Northover were on hand to make sure all ran smoothly.

TTW Coach Andrew Hubbard was on hand and carried out a demonstration along with former Chinese professional Catherine Zhao which was very well received by students and teachers alike.

Wellesley captured the boys division and Eastern Hutt the girls.

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