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Manawatu Open – Wellington Results

Some Wellington results from the recent Manwatu Open held up the road…

  • Lisa Yue (with Jessia Macaskill (WK)) won the Women’s Doubles.
  • James Harter (with Mark Page (WK)) runners-up in the Men’s Doubles.
  • Lisa Yue & Sean Hanson runners-up in the Mixed Doubles.
  • Yau Yang Low and Depak Patel won B Grade Combined Doubles.
  • Yau Yang Low was runner up in B Grade Men’s Singles
  • Subhash Batra won the Over 50 Singles.
  • Subhash Batra (with Janice Kent (HB)) won the Over 50 doubles.
  • Subhash Batra won & Depak Patel was runner up in the Over 40 Singles.
  • Depak Patel was runner up in Over 30 Singles
  • Sean Hanson was runner up in Under 30 Singles
  • Yufeng Wang won the Under 11 Combined Singles.
  • Mei Mun Teh was runner-up in the Under 13 Girls’ Singles.
  • Emma Hanson was runner-up in the Under 18 Girls’ Singles.
  • Toshiaki Yasuda was runner-up in the Under 18 Boys’ Singles.
  • James Harter (with Mark Page (WK)) won the Under 30s doubles.

The full results are listed here.



Primary/Intermediate Teams Tournament – Result Summary

The annual Primary/Intermediate teams tournament was held on 1 September with 29 boys and 11 girls teams entered by 5 schools.

Most grades experienced some good competition and the standard throughout the divisions was impressive. Thanks to all the players that turned up, plus thanks to school staff who were involved in organising teams before the event and managing them during the day.


Division One

1st Clyde Quay 1
2nd Clyde Quay 2
3rd Clyde Quay 3

Division Two

1st Clyde Quay 4
2nd Clyde Quay 6
3rd Naenae Int 2


Division One

1st Clyde Quay 1
2nd Wellesley College 1
3rd Clyde Quay 2

Division Two

1st Clyde Quay 3
2nd Hutt Intermediate 2
3rd Wellesley College 2

Division Three

1st Clyde Quay 5
2nd Hutt Intermediate 3
3rd Wellesley College 3

Division Four

1st Clyde Quay 6
2nd Wellesley College 4
3rd Clyde Quay 7

Division Five

1st Naenae Int 6
2nd Clyde Quay 8
3rd Clyde Quay 9


2017 South Islands Tournament

A Travel Report from Malcolm Wong:

There were 88 competitors (66 males and 22 females) at the Saxton Stadium (Stoke) in Nelson. There were players from Auckland, Canterbury, Manawatu, Marlborough, Nelson, Otago, Southland, Waitako and Wellington. 5 players came from Wellington. Yau Yang Low, Andrew Maguire, Depak Patel, Paul Solt and Malcolm Wong. There were 12 tables. Results are on the TTNZ site.

Table Tennis Wellington President, Malcolm Wong, had Wellington’s sole success when he and Mark Nalder (N) won the Over 60 Men’s Doubles (Round Robin). They beat Alastair Naysmith/Stanislav Petrovic (N) 3-0 (11-8 11-9 11-6) and Kevin Neumann (N)/ Mark Wilson (C) 3-1 (9-11 11-7 14-12 11-9). It was their 20th title together. Depak Patel was runner up in 3 events. He lost to Daniel Astle (N) in the Over 40 Men’s Singles 0-3 (9-11 10-12 6-11) and the Over 40 Men’s Doubles with Julian Main (C) to Daniel Astle/ Paul Op den Buysch (N) 1-3 (9-11 8-11 12-10 7-11). Also the Over 50 Men’s Singles to Stuart Armstrong (C) 0-3 (5-11 5-11 7-11).

Over 60 Men’s Doubles Champion Malcolm Wong

No Wellington players qualified from their Open Men’s Singles Group. The closest was Paul Solt who was in a 3 way tie for 2nd in his Men’s Singles Group. He beat Rajitha Samaraweera (MN), a former Sri Lankan Junior Representative, 3-1 (11-9 8-11 11-8 11-7) and lost to Grant Wilson (C) 1-3 (5-11 13-11 6-11 6-11). Rajitha beat Grant Wilson 3-0 (11-6 11-7 11-4) and qualified with the best win/loss ratio (4/3) from Paul Solt (4/4) and Grant Wilson (3/4). Yau Yang Low beat this years Marlborough Open Men’s Singles winner, Alex Wilson (C) in his Men’s Singles Group 3-1 (10-12 11-7 11-8 11-7).

Depak Patel/Yau Yang Low lost in the Men’s B Grade Doubles semi finals to Rajitha Samaraweera/Nathan Watson (MN) 0-3 (9-11 11-13 13-15). Paul Solt was a semi finalist in the Over 40 Singles, losing to Depak Patel 0-3 (2-11 8-11 7-11). Depak Patel/Paul Solt lost in the semi finals of the Over 50 Men’s Doubles to Grant Wilson/Mark Wilson (C) 2-3 (11-8 7-11 7-11 11-9 6-11) as did Malcolm Wong/Mark Nalder to Stanislav Petrovic (N)/Paul Whitehead (WK) 1-3 (9-11 9-11 11-4 9-11).

Thanks to the Tournament Referees, Hamish Rennie and Ron Garrett, and the Tournament Director, Paul Op den Buysch. Also all the Nelson people involved in helping to run the tournament.

– Malcolm Wong

Over 40 Men’s Doubles Finalists: Simon Hoey-Burns (Umpire), Depak Patel, Julian Main (Runner up), Daniel Astle, Paul Op den Buysch (Winners).

Wellington Rep Team Selection for the TTNZ Nationals (5-11 October 2017)

Congratulations all selected for the teams to represent Wellington and best wishes from the rest of us!

Under 13 Girls
Erin Huang, Mei Mun Teh, Anna Wilson

Under 13 Boys
Tom Christie, Aaron Lan, Yufeng Wang

Under 15 Boys
Liam Buckrell, Calvin Li (+ draft)

Under 18 Girls
Hui-Ling Vong, Emma Hanson (+ draft)

Senior Women
Michelle McCarthy, Hui-Ling Vong, Lisa Yue

Senor Men (Team 1)
Ben Collins, Sean Hanson, James Harter, Bruno Omizu, Hayden Tapp

Senor Men (Team 2)
David Buckrell, Jason Granville, Yang Low, Toshi Yasuda


Coach: Hayden Tapp

Junior Developing Tournament #2 Sunday 17 September 2017

Click here for all details and the entry form!

2017 New World Wellington City Table Tennis Wellington Open Championships – Result Summary

2017 New World Wellington City

Table Tennis Wellington Open Championships

Result Summary

Results Winner/s Runner/s Up
Open Men’s Singles Yuhan Gao (NS) Matthew Ball (MN)
Open Women’s Singles Hui-Ling Vong Lisa Yue
Open Mens Doubles Matthew Ball (MN)/Jae Lee (MN) Bruno Omizu/Lindsay Ward
Open Mixed Doubles Yuhan Gao (NS)/Hui-Ling Vong Rajitha Samaraweera (MN)/Janice Kent (HB)
B Grade Mixed Singles Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) Toshiaki Yasuda
B Grade Doubles Jae Lee (MN)/Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) Andrew Palmer (WT)/Kevin Lin (A)
C Grade Mixed Singles Blair Quested (NS) Thomas Sun (MN)
C Grade Doubles Blair Quested (NS)/Jack Quested (NS) Darrell Brown/Scott Higham
D Grade Mixed Singles Jack Quested (NS) Om Thakur
D Grade Doubles Jack Quested (NS)/Daniel Ottenhoff (NS) Dan Heaphy (MN)/William Hunter (MN)
Over 30 Mixed Singles Shane Wilson (MN) Jason Granville
O30 Doubles Rob Chung/Jason Granville Shane Wilson (MN)/Dave Rowan (WG)
Over 40 Mixed Singles Shane Wilson (MN) Depak Patel
O40 Doubles Rob Chung/Paul Solt Andrew Palmer (WT)/Blair Quested (NS)
Over 50 Mixed Singles Lindsay Ward Dave Rowan (WG)
O50 Doubles Lindsay Ward/Ian Talbot Dave Scott (WK)/Paul Solt
Over 60 Singles Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
O60 Doubles no event
Under 21 Mixed Singles Alfred Dela-pena (WT) Sean Hanson
U21 Doubles Alfred Dela-Pena (WT)/Ricky Yeung (NS) Sean Hanson/Tom Henderson (O)
Under 18 Mixed Singles Alfred Dela-pena (WT) Ricky Yeung (NS)
U18 Doubles Alfred Dela-pena (WT)/Hui-Ling Vong Ricky Yeung (NS)/Toshiaki Yasuda
Under 15 Mixed Singles Jack Quested (NS) Thomas Sun (MN)
U15 Doubles Liam Buckrell/Calvin Li Thomas Sun (MN)/Callum McKinnon (MN)
Under 13 Girls’ Singles Mei Mun Teh Erin Huang
Under 13 Boys’ Singles Jack Quested (NS) Callum McKinnon (MN)
U13 Doubles Jack Quested (NS)/Daniel Ottenhoff (NS) Yufeng Wang/Anna Wilson
C Grade Mixed Consolation (Plate) Darrell Brown William Hunter (MN)
D Grade Mixed Consolation (Plate) Daniel Ottenhof (NS) Amit Saboo
Over 30 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Andrew Maguire Simon Jung
Over 50 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Paul Solt Janice Kent (HB)
Under 18 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Thomas Sun (MN) Scott Lochhead (MN)
Under 13 Mixed Consolation (Plate) Tomos Christie Anna Wilson

Thanks also to Pub Charity and TTSports and for their support.

North Islands – Wellington Results

The TTNZ North Islands finished over the weekend with some great Wellington results:

  • Hui-Ling Vong 2nd in the Open Women’s Singles !
  • Hui-Ling & Michelle McCarthy semi-finalists in the Open Women’s Doubles.
  • Hui-Ling also a semi-finalist (with Yuhan Gao, North Shore) in the Open Mixed Doubles.  Sean Hanson was a quarter finalist in this event as was Michelle McCarthy.
  • Emma Hanson was a semi-finalist in the B Grade Women’s singles.
  • Sean Hanson (with Paul Skiffington, WT) 2nd in the B Grade Men’s Doubles.
  • Paul Solt (with Paul Skiffington, WT) semi-finalist in the C Grade Men’s Doubles.
  • Paul Solt was winner in the D Grade Men’s Singles!
  • Paul Solt (with Malcolm Lowe, AKL) 2nd in the O40s Men’s Doubles.
  • David Buckrell (with Aidong Li, AKL) 2nd in the O40s Mixed Doubles.
  • David Buckrell was winner in the O30 Men’s Singles!
  • David Buckrell (with Vivienne Daisley, BP) 2nd in the O30s Mixed Doubles.
  • Sean Hanson a quarter-finalist in the U21 Men’s Singles.
  • Hui-Ling Vong won the U21 Women’s Singles.
  • Sean Hanson (with Jae Lee, MN) 2nd in the U21 Men’s Doubles.
  • Hui-Ling Vong a semi-finalist in the U18 Girl’s Singles.
  • Liam Buckrell (with Finn Holden, Southland) a quarter-finalist in the U18 Boy’s Doubles.
  • Emma Hanson (with Abbey Webb, MN) 2nd in the U18 Girl’s Doubles.
  • Hui-Ling Vong (with Trevor Pene, CM) a semi-finalist in the U18 Mixed Doubles.
  • Liam Buckrell a quarter-finalist in the U15 Boy’s Singles.
  • Emma Hanson (with Abbey Webb, MN) won the U15 Girl’s Doubles.
  • Liam Buckrell (with Abbey Webb, MN) a semi-finalist in the U15 Mixed Doubles.

Congratulations to all Wellington players who made the trip!

Full results are here.


Junior Development Tournament #1 – Quick Results

                     Winner             Runner Up

Under 12 singles     Tomos Christie      Anna Wilson

Under 14 singles     Sam James (Man)     Yufeng Wang
Under 14 A Plate     Anna Wilson         Akshay Aneesh (Man)
under 14 B Plate     Casey Pearson       Brandon Lee (Man)
Under 14 Doubles
 Winners Anna Wilson & Yufeng Wang
 Runners Up Mei Mun Teh & Erin Huang

Under 17 Singles     Jin Shim (Man)      Akshay Aneesh (Man)

Congratulations & thanks to everyone who came along! Watch this space for the next event…

2017 New Zealand Institute of Sports Table Tennis Tournament

Report from Malcolm Wong

Clean sweep by Wellington

This was held at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie on Wednesday 24 May, as part of the annual 4 day NZIS Sport Exchange Championship (22-25 May) between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Wellington is the 2017 winner. The multi sports tournament first started in 2002 and has been won mainly by Wellington. 13 times (2002-2008, 2010, 2012-2015, 2017 ) followed by Auckland twice (2011, 2016) and Christchurch (2009).

Gareth Severin became the first Wellington player to win the Men’s Singles. Previously Auckland players had won 3 times and Christchurch players twice. Linda Kong won both her matches in straight games, becoming the third Wellington Woman in a row to win the Woman Singles. Wellington, by winning both the Men’s and Women Singles, had a unassailable lead going into the mixed doubles. The Singles winners, Gareth and Linda, combined to win the Mixed Doubles for Wellington. Canterbury by beating Auckland in the last mixed doubles finished second. Wellington has won the table tennis for the third successive year and now lead Auckland (2 wins, 2012 & 2014) and Christchurch (1 win in 2013). Malcolm Wong was the Referee. He and Roger Watkin umpired the matches.

Results were:

1 Wellington    3 points	
2 Christchurch  2 points 	
3 Auckland      1 point		

Men’s Singles
1 Gareth Severin (Wellington)
2 Matthew Humby (Auckland)
3 Sergio Johnson (Christchurch)

Gareth Severin beat Matthew Humby   9-11 11-7 11-5 11-9
Gareth Severin beat Sergio Johnson  9-11 11-8 11-6 11-8
Matthew Humby beat Sergio Johnson   11-6 11-8 9-11 11-5

Women’s Singles
1 Linda Kong (Wellington)
2 Mahina Mullany (Christchurch)
3 Arohaina Beverland (Auckland)

Linda Kong beat Mahina Mullany          11-6  11-4 11-5 
Linda Kong beat Arohaina Beverland      11-8  11-6 11-4 
Mahina Mullany beat Arohaina Beverland  14-12 11-6 11-4

Mixed Doubles
1 Gareth Severin & Linda Kong (Wellington)
2 Samuel McGarvey & Te Amo Tomainu (Christchurch)
3 Matthew Humby & Arohaina Beverland (Auckland)

G Severin/L Kong beat S McGarvey/ T A Tamainu    11-8 12-10 11-3
G Severin/ L Kong beat M Humby/ A Beverland      11-5 10-12 11-4 11-7		         
S McGarvey/T A Tomainu beat M Humby/A Beverland  11-9 11-5 	

Malcolm Wong and Roger Watkin with the NZIS Sports Cup

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2017 New World Wellington City Table Tennis Wellington Open Championships (July 29-30)

We are pleased to announce the:

2017 New World Wellington City

Table Tennis Wellington Open Championships.

Entries are due using the Online Entry Form or email to, phone 04 478 0841, or mailed to PO Box 12-038 Wellington, to be received by 9pm Wednesday 26 July.

This will be held at the Empire Table Tennis Stadium, on Saturday/Sunday 29-30 July.

Thanks also to Pub Charity and TTSports and for their support.


Marlborough Table Tennis Open Travel Report (May 13-14, 2017)

A travel report from Malcolm Wong

Over 60 Singles Semi Finalist Alistair Naysmith, Tony Rutledge, Malcolm Wong and Mark Nalder

Tony Rutledge, Malcolm Wong and Tomos Christie travelled to this tournament which was held at the Simcox Stadium (Blenheim). Only 3 players came from Christchurch as the closure of the Kaikoura road meant a 6 hour trip to Blenheim instead of 4 hours previously. On Saturday there were 20 Men and 7 Women players. On Sunday there were 24 Boys and 5 Girls in the junior events. Results of Wellington players who reached finals are listed below. A tournament report was also published in the Marlborough Express.

Paul Op den Buysch (Nelson) won the Over 40 Men’s Singles against Tony Rutledge 3-2 (12-14 11-6 11-6 10-12 11-9). Paul had big leads in every game but had problems in finishing off Tony. Last years winner Mark Nalder (Nelson) lost in the first round to Alistair Naysmith (Nelson) who is an ex-Titan player. Derek Partridge (Canterbury) and Paul Op den Buysch won the Over 40 Men’s Doubles against Tony Rutledge and Warren Haszard (Marlborough) 3-1 (11-9 9-11 11-3 11-9).

Derek Partridge and Warren Haszard won the Over 50 Doubles against Malcolm Wong and Mark Nalder 3-1 (8-11 11-8 11-6 11-6).

Tony Rutledge retained the Over 60 Singles Title by beating Mark Nalder 3-1 (3-11 11-8 11-6 14-12). Both the semi finals went to 5 games. Tony Rutledge beat Alistair Naysmith 3-2 (11-7 13-15 8-11 11-3 11-4) and Mark Nalder beat Malcolm Wong 3-2 (12-10 11-8 10-12 11-13 11-3). Malcolm Wong and Mark Nalder won the Over 60 Doubles against Tony Rutledge and Peter Welsh (Marlborough) 3-2 (10-12 11-8 6-11 12-10 11-6).

Tomos Christie was runner up in the Under 13 Singles to Rory Osborne (Marlborough) 3-2 (5-11 12-10 10-12 11-7 14-12) and won the Under 15 Singles against the same opponent 3-1 (11-9 11-9 8-11 11-6).

Thanks to Chris Hood, Debbie Stratford and Daryl Jones from the Marlborough Association who ensured the tournament ran efficiently.

– Malcolm Wong

Junior Development Tournament #1 Sunday 18 June 2017

Click here for all details and entry form!

TTW Autumn Open – Results

On the last weekend in April a larger than normal entry made for a very good tournament. Good support from locals and outsiders from many parts of the North Island made for an intriguing couple of days. Thanks to all players and tournament sponsors TTSports and Pub Charity for their support.

Results Winner/s Runner/s Up
Men’s singles Bruno Imizu Matthew Ball (MN)
Women’s singles Natalie Paterson (MN) Michelle McCarthy
Men’s doubles Bruno Omizu & Lindsay Ward Sean Hanson & Hayden Tapp
Women’s doubles Michelle McCarthy & Lisa Yue Natalie Paterson (MN) & Abbey Webb (MN)
Mixed doubles Matthew Ball (MN) & Natalie Paterson (MN) Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) & Janice Kent (HB)
Under 21 singles Sean Hanson Jack Webb (MN)
Under 21 doubles Jack Webb (MN) & Abbey Webb (MN) Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li
Over 25 singles Matthew Ball (MN) James Harter (WAIK)
Over 25 Doubles Matthew Ball (MN) & Rajitha Samaraweera (MN) James Harter (WAIK) & Zhidong Yu
B Grade singles David Buckrell Darrell Brown
C Grade singles Jimmy Caunter (WAIK) Andrew Maguire
D Grade singles William Hunter (MN) Om Thakur
Over 35 singles Depak Patel Martin Young
Over 35 doubles Bryan McConnochie & Depak Patel Harry Chen & James Wang
Over 45 singles Lindsay Ward Depak Patel (23-21 in the fifth set!)
Over 45 doubles Ian Talbot & Lindsay Ward Bryan McConnochie & Depak Patel
Over 55 singles Lindsay Ward Dave Scott (WAIK)
Over 55 doubles Ian Talbot & Lindsay Ward Paul Solt & Zhidong Yu
Over 65 singles Dave Scott (WAIK) Tony Rutledge
Over 65 doubles Dave Scott (WAIK) & Kevin Haines Tony Rutledge & Wayne Upjohn (MN)
Under 18 singles Liam Buckrell Thomas Sun (MN)
Under 18 Doubles Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li Thomas Sun (MN) & Changhee Cho (MN)
Under 16 singles Thomas Sun (MN) Liam Buckrell
Under 16 Doubles Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li Callum McKinnon (MN) & Emma Hanson
Under 14 singles Callum McKinnon (MN) Yufeng Wang
Under 14 doubles Akshay Aneesh (MN) & Callum McKinnon (MN) Erin Huang & Mei Mun The
Under 12 singles Akshay Aneesh (MN) Yufeng Wang
Under 21 consolation Abbey Webb (MN) Scott Lochhead (MN)
Over 25 consolation David Buckrell Nabe Tioti
Over 45 consolation Andrew Maguire Darrell Brown
Over 55 consolation Craig Gear Janice Kent (HB)
Under 14 consolation Mei Mun Teh Jerry Zhao

The full results are here.

Tournament Travel News

Wellington players recently travelled to the TTNZ Vets event and also the Wanganui Open.

In the New Zealand Vets Teams representing Wellington…

  • Over 40s: Depak Patel, Zhidong Yu, & Simon Jung
  • Over 50s: Lindsay Ward, Depak Patel, & Zhidong Yu
  • Over 60s: Lindsay Ward & Ian Talbot – WON this event!
  • & Over 65s (President’s team/draft): Bryan McConnochie – RUNNERS UP in this event!

In the TTNZ Vets Singles events:

  • Lindsay Ward won the Mens O60s singles.
  • Ian Talbot & Lindsay Ward were runners-up in the Mens O60 doubles.

Congratulations to all our teams and also to the individual successes too.

Wanganui Open results in full are here the Wellington contingent also came back with fantastic results…

  • Hui-Ling Vong won the Women’s Open singles.
  • Hui-Ling Vong & Anita Crowe were runners-up in the Women’s Open doubles.
  • Bryan McConnochie (with Dave Scott) were runners-up in the Men’s Open doubles.
  • Hayden Tapp & Lisa Yue were runners-up in the Mixed Open doubles.
  • Hui-Ling Vong won the U18 Girls’ singles.
  • Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li were runners-up in the U18 Boys’ doubles.
  • Liam Buckrell won the U15 Boys’ singles.
  • Emma Hanson was runner-up in the U15 Girls’ singles.
  • Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li won the U15 Boys’ doubles.
  • Emma Hanson (with Abbey Webb) won the U15 Girls’ doubles.
  • Mei Mun Teh won and Erin Huang was runner-up in the U13 Girls’ singles.
  • Mei Mun Teh & Erin Huang won and Sifan Huang & Anna Wilson were runners-up in the U13 Girls’ doubles.
  • Paul Solt was runner up in the O40 Men’s singles.
  • Paul Solt won and Bryan McConnochie was runner up in the O50 Men’s singles.
  • Paul Solt (with Dave Scott) won the O50 Men’s doubles.
  • Bryan McConnochie was runner up in the O60 Men’s singles.
  • Mei Mun Teh won the Novice Any Age singles.

2017 TTSports Wellington Autumn Open (April 29/30)

The Table Tennis Wellington TTSports Autumn Open (April 29-30) is a TTNZ Rating Tournament – we have Open, Junior, and Senior events with age groups for everyone. If you’ve never entered a tournament before the Autumn Open is a great opportunity!

Read the Conditions & Details and enter:

Email for entries:

Time Saturday April 29 Sunday April 30
9:30am Under 21
Over 25
Under 12, Under 16
Over 45, Over 65
12:30pm Open Events
1:30pm Under 14, Under 18
Over 35, Over 55

Venue: Empire Table Tennis Stadium (Marine Parade, Petone, Lower Hutt).

Entries close Wednesday 26 April at 8pm

A special thanks to our sponsors:

Pub Charity
Pub Charity

TTW Vets Open – Results

The Wellington Veterans Tournament on 18 March was boosted by a good sprinkling of visitors from Hawkes Bay, Manawatu and Kapiti, plus Dave Scott from further afield. Thanks to them all for coming and contributing to a pleasant day. Special mention of the work done by Rob Chung both before and during the tournament and Maggie Dyer during the event!

Results as follows

Event Winner Runner Up
Over 40 Depak Patel Martin Young
Over 40 consolation Andrew Maguire Craig Gear
Over 40 doubles Robert Chung & Paul Solt Andrew Maguire & Martin Young
Over 50 Lindsay Ward Depak Patel
Over 50 consolation Wayne Upjohn Janice Kent
Over 50 doubles Ian Talbot & Lindsay Ward Bryan McConnochie & Martin Young
Over 60 Lindsay Ward Ian Talbot
Over 60 consolation Kevin Haines Peter Jones
Over 60 doubles Ian Talbot & Lindsay Ward Kevin Haines & Bryan McConnochie
Over 70 Jim Jarmin Bob Knight
Over 70 consolation Val Scarr Russell Clement
Over 70 doubles Peter Jones & Heather Paul Bob Knight & Val Scarr

2017 TTW Vets Individual Match Summary

TTW Vets Open – March 18 (Saturday)

The 2017 Table Tennis Wellington Veterans Open is being held on Saturday March 18 the conditions and form documents are below or use the online form to enter. Please enter by 6pm on Wednesday March 15.

There are over 40/50/60 and 70 age groups (if you turn that age on or before Dec 31, 2017) – singles and doubles. The tournament will be held at the Empire Table Tennis Club Hall, Marine Parade, Petone. Round up your friends and car-pool in! Please pass this information on to anyone else you know who may be interested.

This is also a good lead up for those competing in the NZ Open Vets (Apr 14-17 in Christchurch) & the World Masters Games (Apr 22-29 in Auckland)

Details and Entry Form

Online form or as a pdf (email to or mail as per the form – also as a spreadsheet).

Also refer to the Tournament Conditions.


Time Saturday March 18
10:00am Over 50, Over 70 (please enter only one of these)
12:30pm Over 40, Over 60 (please enter only one of these)

Entries Close Wednesday March 15, 6pm

DSC_2581 (640x342) - Neon

2016 Wellington New Chinese Friendship Association Table Tennis Tournament (27/11/16)

This tournament was first held in 2003. So this was the 14th  tournament which was held at the Empire Club in Petone. There were 22 entries for the Singles. Unfortunately the Women’s Singles was not held due to a lack of entries.

In the Singles Hui-Ling Vong beat Min Su in the final 3-1.  The Semi-Finals saw Hui-Ling Vong beat Martin Young 3-0 (11-1 11-8 17-15) and Min Su beat Harry Chen 3-1 (11-7 11-7  9-11 11-7).  Martin Young won the playoff for 3rd place when he beat Harry Chen 3-1 (11-5 11-8 9-11 11-6). Two close Quarter Finals were Martin Young beating Zidong Yu 3-2 (12-10 11-13 12-10 9-11 11-9) and Harry Chen beating Sam Bui 3-2 (7-11 12-10 8-11 11-9 17-15).

Hui-Ling Vong won this years NZ Under 15 Girls Singles and Doubles. At the Oceania Championships she won the Under 18 Girls Doubles, and Under 15 Girls Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. She was in the NZ Women’s Team at the World Championships and in the Oceania Girls Team at the World Cadet Challenge.

The Singles Plate was won by Yisu Wang.

Last years singles winner Ricky Yeung (now at high school in Cambridge, Waitako) and runner up Rob Chung, did not enter this year.

The teams event was not held this year, Last years team winners were Harry Chen, Martin Young and Zhidong Yu.

Thanks to Martin Young for preparing the draw. Stephen Wang, Chairperson of the New Chinese Friendship Association, presented the prizes.

Martin Young, Hui-Ling Vong, Min Su and Stephen Wang

-Malcolm Wong

TTNZ Nationals – Hui-Ling Vong U15 Champ

The TTNZ Nationals are complete (details @ TTNZ)…


In the teams we had some great results with our Men’s B Grade team (Ben Collins, Sean Hanson, Hayden Tapp) winning the B Grade after a down-to-the wire 4-3 win over Canterbury in the final claiming the Russell Algie Shield just in time to take off for a flight!

Hui-Ling Vong was drafted into the Manawatu under 18 girls’ team which finished 3rd – winning all her matches bar vs. a dominant Auckland team who took 1st place unbeaten in all their matches.

The under 18 boys’ team of Frank Fu & Sean Hanson, along with drafts of Carl Rodmell & Nathan Geraghty, got 3rd in the A Grade (just behind Waitemata and Auckland) including good wins 5-2 over Manawatu & 4-3 over both Canterbury & Otago.

The under 15 boys’ team of Liam Buckrell & Calvin Li, along with draft Zenith Sayer finished 7th in the A Grade, pipping Otago 4-3 at the end into 8th place.


*** Hui-Ling Vong is the under 15 girls’ champion – cleaning up against all opposition! 

*** Hui-Ling Vong is also the under 15 doubles champion – with Rachel Li!

Hui-Ling in the under 18 girls’ made it all the way through to the semi-final before bowing out to eventual winner Guiting Lu.

Joanna Roberts (with Joanne Shaw) won Silver in the Open Women’s doubles!

In the boys’ under 18s – Sean Hanson & Frank Fu won their round-robin groups with both making it to the second round of the knockout draw.  In the under 18 boys’ doubles, Sean & Frank battled through to the semi-final.  Likewise Sean played with Hui-Ling in the under 18 mixed doubles – again making it to the semi-final!

Similarly Liam Buckrell and Calvin Li made it past the round-robin phase of the under 15 boys’ event too.  In the doubles they were also semi-finalists – losing only to the eventual winners.

Paul Solt wins the D grade doubles (with Neil Chen)!

(Let me know if any results are missing here.)

New World Wellington Open – Result Summary

For the records, below is the complete list of event winners and runner-ups.  There are a bunch of photos on TTW Facebook.  Thanks to everyone who took part or helped make this happen!  A special thanks to our sponsors:

Continue reading “New World Wellington Open – Result Summary”

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