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Retrospective on the TTNZ Nationals

At the recent prizegiving Gabrielle Telfer also touched on the TTNZ Nationals event and the great results and team spirit she observed. Below are reports from both her and Malcolm Wong on the Nationals including photos!

Firstly from Gabrielle

Senior Nationals – October 2014

What an amazing event!

No I don’t mean the event itself but the way our young ‘A’ team stood up and played their hearts out to finish 6th in the A grade of the Senior National Championships Teams event.

Chun Kiet Vong, Frank Fu and Sean Hanson, captain Ben Collins and coach Hayden Tapp be very, very proud of yourselves. We are.

It all started with the grading match against Waitemata at 8.30am on Wednesday morning which our team won 4-2. This win put the team into Group 1 of the A grade, which brought with it the challenge of three more rounds in that same day. It was no mean feat to play four matches of that intensity over 14 hours. The next match was against Manawatu at 11.30am which our team narrowly lost 3-4.

At 2.30pm they faced Canterbury going down 2-5 and the last match of the day was against the eventual winners of the competition Auckland 1 who managed to scrape in against us 7-0! However there was some outstanding individual and doubles play in all of these matches, where sets were taken off players such as John Cordue and other New Zealand representatives.

The next morning we found our opponents in the crossover round for places 5-8 was North Harbour. These games too proved to be tense and thrilling encounters, and again our team rose to the challenge. The strategy devised by Hayden and Ben proved to be the difference between the two teams and Wellington came out of the match with a 4-3 win!

This result brought us to the 5/6 playoff against Waikato which we lost 4-1. A sparkling doubles match played by Chun Kiet and Sean ensured it wasn’t a complete whitewash. This result I can assure you was a true reflection of just how much energy and passion these four players had put in to their five previous matches – by the end of this one they individually and collectively had nothing more to give. A personal highlight for Sean was taking a Waikato player who is also a current New Zealand Junior representative to 5 sets only to lose it 11-13 in the 5th.

For three young players, two of whom had never been to a Senior Nationals before to pull off the kind of results they did was nothing short of superb. It was a privilege to witness the heart and soul all four players put into their individual games. They certainly left everything on the table!

The team was very ably captained by Ben Collins who led from the front. The team was exceedingly well coached by Hayden Tapp. Ben and Hayden together made strategic decisions that paid off and enabled the team to win games and matches that led them to the playoffs for 5 and 6.

When these players were selected, I wrote in each of their selection letters ‘I look forward to our Wellington players representing us with passion and pride’. They certainly did that.

Congratulations Ben, Chun Kiet, Frank, Sean and Hayden – you did yourselves and Wellington proud! It was an incredible moment to be part of – I am so incredibly proud of you all

Rather unfortunately our ’B’ team was placed in Group A of the B Grade which was well above their collective strengths. However Depak Patel, Gareth Telfer and Paul Solt turned up and played all their matches with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately their results took them to the 7/8 playoff where they again met the Canterbury team and again came second in that match. There were individual victories along the way and all matches were played in a good spirit.

Thank you Depak, Gareth and Paul for the heart you all showed, even though you were well out of your depth. You too represented Wellington with passion and pride!

A thank you also to Malcolm Wong who surprised us in Auckland – Malcolm helped support our teams and took the team photos for us.

Wellington was also represented in the Women’s competition with Hui-Ling Vong playing in a Presidents team with Natalie Paterson and Tetyana Sulimova. The Women’s grade consisted of five teams who played a round robin. There were two Auckland teams, one Canterbury team and two Presidents teams.

In the Individual events three players competed, Ben Collins, Chun Kiet and Hui-Ling Vong. Hui-Ling won the Women’s B Grade and together with Chun Kiet, they were runners up in the Under 21 mixed doubles.
Ben finished third in the Men’s B Grade as well as reaching the semi finals of the Over 30 grade.

Well done all of you – I look forward to what 2015 brings!

– Gabrielle Telfer

And now from Malcolm Wong:

2014 New Zealand Open Championships (1- 4 October)

Sean Hanson - the hero of Wellington Men’s 1 Team 4-3 win over North Harbour in A Grade. He won the deciding 7th match against Michael Zhang 3-1
Sean Hanson – the hero of Wellington Men’s 1 Team 4-3 win over North Harbour in A Grade. He won the deciding 7th match against Michael Zhang 3-1

Wellington entered two Men’s Teams and Hui-Ling Vong was in the draft for a Women’s Team in the New Zealand Championships held in Auckland. Wellington Men’s 2 were in B Grade. Wellington Men’s 1 played in a grading match against Waitemata 1 to decide if they would be in A or B Grade. Wellington 1 beat Waitemata 1 by 4-2. Ben Collins won both his singles and the doubles with Sean Hanson. Chun-Kiet Vong clinched the match beating Max Rogers 3-2.

Men’s A Grade Teams

Wellington 1
6th in Grade.

v Manawatu 	       lost   3-4
v Canterbury 2	       lost   2-5
v Auckland 1	       lost   0-7
v North Harbour        won  4-3	 (playoff for positions 5-8)
v Waitako 1	       lost   1-4 (playoff for positions 5-6)

In A Grade Ben Collins was the mainstay of the team winning 5 of his 9 singles, which included winning both his matches against Manawatu and North Harbour. Two of his losses were in 5 games. The juniors found the going tough with Sean Hanson (2/6), Chun-Kiet Vong (1/6) and Frank Fu (1/ 7). The only doubles win was by Sean Hanson and Chun-Kiet Vong against Waitako, with Ben Collins/Sean Hanson (0/4). Thanks to Hayden Tapp who coached the team.

Wellington 1 Men’s Team. Frank Fu, Chun-Kiet Vong, Sean Hanson and Ben Collins.
Wellington 1 Men’s Team.
Frank Fu, Chun-Kiet Vong, Sean Hanson and Ben Collins.

Men’s B Grade Teams

Wellington B
8th in Grade

v Auckland 3	       lost 0-7
v Canterbury 3	       lost 2-5
v Manawatu 2	       lost 2-5
v Waitako 2	       lost 2-5  (playoff for positions 5-8)
v Canterbury 3	       lost 3-4  (playoff for positions 7-8)

The withdrawal of Robert Chung seriously weakened the team and they would have been more competitive in C Grade. Depak Patel won 4 out of his 10 Singles with Paul Solt (1/10) and Gareth Telfer (0/10). The Doubles were much better with Depak Patel and Gareth Telfer winning both their doubles matches, and Depak Patel/Paul Solt (2/3). In the first match against Canterbury 3 Paul Solt lost his 2 singles in the 5th (14-16 and 10-12). If he had won both those singles the team would have won the match.

Wellington 2 Men’s Team. Depak Patel, Gareth Telfer and Paul Solt.
Wellington 2 Men’s Team.
Depak Patel, Gareth Telfer and Paul Solt.

Women’s A Grade Teams

Hui-Ling Vong played for Presidents 1 (with Natalie Paterson and Tetyana Sulimova) which finished 4th in the Women’s A Grade Teams. She won 3 of her 8 singles matches and 1 of her 4 doubles.

New Zealand Individuals

In the Open Men’s Singles Group Chun-Kiet Vong had a good win against Craig Dye 3-1 and qualified from his Under 21 Men’s Singles Group by beating the higher rated Bryn Lindsay 3-0. Ben Collins reached the semi finals of both the B Grade Men’s Singles and Over 30 Men’s Singles. Ben beat Craig Dye 3-0 in the last 16 of the B Grade Men’s Singles but lost to Craig 1-3 in the semi finals of the Over 30 Men’s Singles.

Hui-Ling Vong won the Women’s B Grade Singles against Maggie Ngo 3-0 and reached the semi finals of the under 21 Women’s Singles. Chun-Kiet Vong and Hui-Ling Vong were runners up in the Under 21 Mixed Doubles.

International Umpire Malcolm Wong was involved in the judging of the Junior Boy’s Umpiring Award (Alan and Edna McCallum Junior Umpiring Awards). He umpired several matches including a Men’s Singles semi final and the Women’s Singles final.

Women’s B Grade Singles. Maggie Ngo (Silver), Hui-Ling Vong (Gold).
Women’s B Grade Singles.
Maggie Ngo (Silver), Hui-Ling Vong (Gold).

Under 21 Mixed Doubles.Hui-Ling Vong, Chun-Kiet Vong (Silver), Guiting Lu, Victor Ma (Gold).
Under 21 Mixed Doubles.
Hui-Ling Vong, Chun-Kiet Vong (Silver), Guiting Lu, Victor Ma (Gold).
Malcolm Wong, David Jackson (Referee), Shane Warbrooke (Director) and Ben Collins.
Malcolm Wong, David Jackson (Referee), Shane Warbrooke (Director) and Ben Collins.

– Malcolm Wong

2014 South Island Individual Championships

Is coming soon (entries close this Friday 6pm):
Entry Form: here.
Table Tennis Southland

Saturday 23 August 8.30am     Singles – U13, U18, B Grade, D Grade, O50,
Saturday 23 August 10.00am     Doubles – U13, U18, B Grade, D Grade, O50
Saturday 23 August 2.00pm     Singles – Under 15, Open, C Grade, O30, O65
Saturday 23 August 3.30pm     Doubles – Under 15, Open, C Grade, O30, O65

Sunday 24 August 9.00am     Singles – Under 21, Over 40, Over 60, O70
Sunday 24 August 10.30am     Doubles – Under 21, Over 40, Over 60, O70


Venue: ILT Stadium Southland
Surrey Park Sports Centre, Isabella Street
Venue Phone: (03) 217 1200

Stag International
Sport NZ
Invercargill Licensing Trust

NZ Juniors Teams Completed & Liam Buckrell Player of the Day!

(liberally extracted from this TTNZ article)

[…] the Wellington Association has had a lot to savour from the opening 3 days of the tournament. The efforts of coaches Hayden Tapp, Depak Patel and Paul Solt are showing rich dividends as their players have kept upsetting more favoured opponents.

Hui Ling Vong finished the under 15 teams event unbeaten, a huge feat, while brother Chun Kiet was also impressive [in the U18s].

In the evening session for under 18 boys, Sean Hanson was most impressive in beating National Junior Nathan Watson in straight sets.


Jonathan Li (Counties), Liam Buckrell (Wellington)
There were also some exciting and meritorious performances in the closing stages of the teams event, with one match providing our player of the day, Liam Buckrell – from Wellington of course, pictured here with his valiant opponent Jonathan Li from Counties.

These two boys were pitched together at 3-3 in a match which would decide silver in the under 13 boys B Grade. But, from the crowd gathered alongside one could have been forgiven for thinking it was the under 18 boys final. After a very tense fourth set the players shaped up for the deciding set, wondering who would keep their nerve longest.

Jonathan seemed to have prevailed when he stretched out to 10-6 after a number of long counter-hitting rallies. But Liam knuckled down to the job, returning every shot with interest and accuracy, and confounded everybody to triumph 12-10. It seemed a shame there had to be a loser in this contest.

One can only wonder what might have happened if Hayden Tapp had gone out to buy a lotto ticket instead of bench-coaching at this tournament – given the results versus the odds so far.

Berdy Fang ensured that Wellington did not have things all their way today, with two good wins over Frank Fu and Sean Hanson in under 18 boys.


Some of these juniors certainly know how to entertain and thrill!

– from this TTNZ article, thanks!

NZ Juniors (in progress) – Player of the Day – Hui-Ling Vong!

Posted on the TTNZ website….

Player of the day: Hui-Ling Vong

… the outstanding performer of the day was Hui Ling Vong from Wellington, who was drafted to play for Southland. The former National Hopes winner defeated both Ruofei Rao and Nai Xin Jiang 3-1 in a losing effort against the strong Auckland Under 15 combination.

Congratulations Hui-Ling!

NEWS from the Juniors:

Silver in B division for the U18B team (B grade) also also the U13 team (B grade) and Hui-Ling’s U13 team (Southland).

2014 New Zealand Secondary School Championships (Sep 1-3)

Here is the entry form for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships to be held at the Auckland Table Tennis Stadium from the 1st to 3rd September 2014: 2014 New Zealand Secondary School Championships.

Entries close on Wednesday 20th August 2014 to the Auckland Table Tennis Association.

NB: this year’s competition includes the following Athletes With Disability sections:
Individual Events:
AWD Class 1-5 – Wheelchair
AWD Class 6-10 – Standing
AWD Class 11: Intellectual Disability


2014 New Zealand Institute of Sports Table Tennis Tournament

From Malcolm who helped umpire this event held on May 28 (my apologies for the delay in this report too, time sure flies).

The 2014 New Zealand Institute of Sports Table Tennis Tournament was held at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie. Auckland won all the events after being third last year. There were exciting final matches in the Men’s Singles where Istead beat White 2-1 (11-9 in the 3rd) and Mixed Doubles where Istead & Erihe beat Hira & Galang 2-1 (15-13 in the 3rd). If Wellington had won both those matches instead of Auckland they would have won overall. Thanks to Malcolm Wong and Roger Watkin who were the umpires, and Malcolm Wong who organised the draw and photos.


Men’s Singles

1st Luke Istead (Auckland)
2nd Keanu White (Wellington)
3rd Andrew Storer (Christchurch)

Women’s Singles

1st Justice Erihe (Auckland)
2nd Ruby Fraser (Wellington)
3rd Arna Roberts (Christchurch)

Mixed Doubles

1st Luke Istead & Justice Erihe (Auckland)
2nd Manutai Hira & Janella Galang (Wellington)
3rd Albert Stanciu & Arna Roberts (Christchurch)

Malcolm Wong (Umpire) Luke Istead (Auckland), Keanu White (Wellington), and Andrew Storer (Christchurch).
Malcolm Wong (Umpire) Luke Istead (Auckland), Keanu White (Wellington), and Andrew Storer (Christchurch).
Ruby Fraser (Wellington), Roger Watkin (Umpire) and Justice Erihe (Auckland).
Ruby Fraser (Wellington), Roger Watkin (Umpire) and Justice Erihe (Auckland).

Malcolm Wong (Umpire) with Mixed Doubles players Luke Istead & Justice Erihe (Auckland), Janella Galang & Manutai Hira (Wellington) and Arna Roberts & Albert Stanciu (Christchurch).
Malcolm Wong (Umpire) with Mixed Doubles players Luke Istead & Justice Erihe (Auckland), Janella Galang & Manutai Hira (Wellington) and Arna Roberts & Albert Stanciu (Christchurch).

– Malcolm Wong

2014 TTNZ Junior Open Entry Forms

The TTNZ Junior Open forms from TTNZ are out and available on their website.

Entries Close: Wednesday 25th June 2014

Competition is July 16-20, not far away – Palmerston North! (Table Tennis Manawatu)

Note that July 5/6 is the Manawatu Open
& the Hawkes Bay Open is on June 21.
(TTNZ 2014 calendar here)

Stag World Veterans Table Tennis Championships 2014 in Auckland (entries March 15)

An email from TTNZ:

Hello Table Tennis friends,

You are receiving this email because I think there is a chance that either you or your friends may be interested in the World Vets Champs, at Trusts Arena, Auckland, from 10-17 May. We are still looking for a lot more entries from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in particular. We are also looking for more volunteers, with table tennis experience preferably. If you, or someone you know, is thinking about entering, please do so with payment by 15th March. There is just over two weeks left…

Full information is on our website: with player lists just published.

You can register online as a player or volunteer here:

If you need more information please email

I attach below copy of the update notice just sent out to more than 2000 persons registered to date.

Best regards John Lea TTNZ Executive Director

Welcome to the second web-notice from the Stag WVC2014 website.>

We have just published full registration lists as at 26th February and invite you to check your own details. This is what will be printed in the programme, and on your participation diploma and accreditation pass.

Some entrants have included middle names, which is not necessary. We may have to exclude these when we print, for space issues, but you can also amend yourself.

You can now look for a suitable doubles partner if required.

Those that have not achieved a closed doubles pairing (both partners confirming each other's registration number and both being fully paid) by March 18th will be placed on a 'partners required' list to be forwarded to Swaythling Club to assign pairings. These pairings will be confirmed and published around April 10th.

The singles draw and schedules will be published on this website around April 30th.

Remember that registrations close on March 15th. So please tell all of your friends who might wish to enter, and anyone who might wish to volunteer their services. Anyone wanting to enter or help out should register here.

Please make sure that your entry
is paid in full by March 15th to secure your spot
. You can pay online by credit card, using the link on your confirmation email, or you
can pay directly to WVC2014 Ltd bank account, Westpac New Zealand Ltd, Dinsdale Branch: account 03-1558-0406565-00. SWIFT code: WPACNZ2W Please
quote your SG six-digit registration number in the reference. SWIFT code: WPACNZ2W

You can also book tickets for the Gala Dinner / Farewell
Party (NZ$150) as above.

If you still require accommodation or official transportation please book via Event Travel Office.

If you need invitations to assist visa applications, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to make sure you get here for all the fun!

Please make sure that you arrive at Trusts Arena in good time to complete accreditation (at very least 1 hour before you play) and pick up your accreditation pass, player number, programme, gala dinner tickets and Stag accreditation pack. Make sure you have your registration number and photo ID (passport or drivers license) ready to present.

Remember that the opening ceremony will commence at 6pm on Sunday 11th. This can provide the opportunity for special interest groups to meet up before-hand. Please email us if you wish to request and promote a gathering.

We look to seeing your smiling faces here in May!

The WVC2014 Operations Team

Stag World Veteran Champs entry cut-off approaches (Auckland May 10-17)

March 15th is the closing date set for entries to the 2014 Stag World Veteran Championships. Local players are encouraged to register online shortly so they do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity in their own backyard. The event is based at Trusts Arena in West Auckland, with the ATTA stadium at Gillies Avenue providing backup.

Full details here.

Online registrations can be accessed here.

A large number of volunteers are required for umpiring, table management and many other areas. Anyone interested should email with their details.

The event is likely to attract well over 2000 visitors to Auckland, and is not to be missed.

Some recent pictures

Here are some pictures of recent events and news that I’ve been saving up:

Christchurch Nationals Oct 2013 (11) (800x600)
Wellington at the Senior Nationals (Depak Patel, Ben Collins, Paul Solt)
Christchurch Nationals Oct 2013 004 (800x600)
Wellington at the Senior Nationals (Ben Collins, Depak Patel, Paul Solt, Rub Chung)
Christchurch Nationals Oct 2013 011 (800x600)
Wellington at the Senior Nationals (Raewyn Young, Depak Patel, Ben Collins, Paul Solt)
Depak Patel with Oh Sang Eun from South Korea (won the TTNZ Men's singles and ranked 31 in the world)
Depak Patel with Oh Sang Eun from South Korea (won the TTNZ Men’s singles and ranked 31 in the world)

And here is a picture of Malcolm Wong (right) being awarded the 2013 TTNZ National Official of the Year Award from Paul Kyle.

2013 TTNZ National Official of the year: Malcolm Wong
2013 TTNZ National Official of the year: Malcolm Wong

Scene from Composite Div 2
Scene from Composite Div 2 (thanks Reg)

TTNZ – National Rankings

… are posted on the TTNZ site here.

Congratulations to Frank Fu at 9th in the U15s!

(General point ratings are here).

Recent Tournament Report – Nelson

Malcolm Wong (TTNZ National Official of the Year!) submitted an update on the Nelson Open which he went to several weeks ago.

Malcolm Wong won the over 50 Doubles and was runner up in the Over 40 Doubles, with Mark Nalder (Nelson). This was their 12th title together. It was also Malcolm’s 20th Nelson title and his 79th overall.

Former Titan Club member, Alastair Naysmith, won the Over 60 Singles and Doubles. He has been living in Nelson since April 2012 and been playing interclub there the last 2 years.

Lionel Wells (Nelson) was the oldest competitor. He was born in 1920 and will be 93 in October. Lionel stills plays interclub.

There were 35 players entered in the tournament which had been postponed from June due to flooding which resulted in the floor needing to be replaced. Full results are here: 2013 Nelson Open results.

Thanks to the organisers, Paul Op den Buysch, Bruce Hay, Kay Hazeldine and Glenda Ferguson. Also thanks to Karen Holmes, Dianne Watson and Debbie Watson who operated the cafeteria.

Nelson Over 50 Doubles winners Malcolm Wong and Mark Nalder.
Nelson Over 50 Doubles winners Malcolm Wong and Mark Nalder.
Nelson Over 60 Singles and Doubles winner Alastair Naysmith.
Nelson Over 60 Singles and Doubles winner Alastair Naysmith.
Lionel Wells with Malcolm Wong.
Lionel Wells with Malcolm Wong.

Yasaka Winter Interclub result update


The stats from last week’s games are here: Winter Interclub 3-4 Sept

On a totally separate note, we received a request to pass on a message about 15 year-old Ola Ratka from Canterbury who has been training in South Korea (for 6 months) and plans to complete in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in China. He father Piotr has applied for a AMP scholarship including a “People Choice” scholarship – every vote counts to try and win it so visit here for details!

Reminder: Manawatu Open (14 Sept) – entries due Sept 7

Also, re the 2013 Manawatu Open Championship (remember this was deferred from earlier in the year). This year’s Manawatu Open will be held at the Barber Hall, Waldegrave St., Palmerston North, on 14 September, commencing at 8:30 am. An Entry Form is here. Entries must be received by Shona Cudby by 7 September either by phone (06-354 6840{h}) e-mail ( or mail (see Entry Form).

A list of defending champions and all detailed results from 2012 is available here.
TT Manawatu

Reminder: TTNZ Nationals (Christchurch) entries due Friday

As a reminder for anyone thinking of entering the individual events for the 2013 New Zealand Nationals Tournament (Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October) – entries are due on Friday Sept 6.

Refer to here for forms and details.

Table Tennis at the South Island Masters Games – Oct 10-12 Nelson

image003A note from Jane Miles, Events Organiser at Sport Tasman…

Are you ready to play?

You’re invited to the South Island Masters Games, 5-13 October [10-12 Oct for TT] in Nelson. Over 3,000 participants, over 50 sports across 9 days. You don’t need to qualify or belong to a club you just have to be old enough and for most sports that’s 30 years. In addition to the sporting events there are themed party nights, daily live music and a bar and cafe at the games village. Registration is now open. View the full programme and for more information go here. See you in sunny Nelson!

(Events for those aged 30 or over.)

Table Tennis New Zealand Junior Nationals Teams Report

B grade Silver Medals
B grade Silver Medals
A grade Silver Medals
A grade Silver Medals

Infinity FoundationWellington took a squad of 8 players to the New Zealand Junior Nationals this year and every member came home with a medal!

The Under 18 team of Chun-Kiet Vong, Gareth Telfer, Ben Westenra and Ian Wang started their campaign with a grading match against Waikato to try and qualify for the A grade. They fought hard but were beaten 4:1 in the contest. Chun-Kiet won the only singles match. They then moved on to compete in the B grade getting through to the final before going down very closely 3:4 to Auckland 3. Chun-Kiet did exceptionally well winning 100% of his singles matches in B grade!

The Under 15 Team of Frank Fu, Sean Hanson and Adam Xiong did very well in the A grade. They topped there side of the group with wins over North Harbour 5:2, Auckland 2 5:2 and Northland 7:0. In the semi Final they accounted for their local rivals Manawatu 5:2. The final was against Auckland 1 who proved to be too strong however Adam raised his game to beat Roger Wang (one of Auckland’s best) to save us a from a white wash and result of 1:4. No other teams got a match off Auckland 1.

Hui-Ling Vong ended up as a draft player in two teams. Cook Islands in the under 13’s and North Harbour in the under 15’s. She was the star player in both teams. The Cook Islands team finished in 3rd place and Hui-Ling then enjoyed the extra support from the Cook Islands players and families for the rest of the tournament! North harbour finished 2nd in a round robin competition with Auckland, Canterbury and New Caledonia. Auckland won, but not before Hui-Ling took a very well fought win over her long time rival Nai Xin from Auckland (for the 1st time!) The teams events concluded with medals all round. It was a great effort and an outstanding result.

Thanks must go out to Hayden Tapp who assisted me with enthusiasm and quality in his coaching role and to Gabrielle Telfer for her management and cooking skills. Everyone was well fed and on time to every event. Also a mention to Sophie Telfer for her help to us all and to Till Armbruster (The Telfer’s homestay student) who unfortunately couldn’t play for us, but was a great team member, camera operator and hitting partner for the rest of the team.

-Paul Solt
Head Coach

Huge thanks to the Infinity Foundation for their support on the coaching and expenses!

2013 Junior Nationals – mini update

I’f I’m decoding the text messages I’ve received from Gabrielle correctly, the TTW U18 B Grade boys’ team (Chun-Kiet Vong; Gareth Telfer; Ben Westenra; Ian Wang) finished second and the U15 A Grade boys’ team (Sean Hanson; Frank Fu; Adam Xiong) finished second too!  Congratulations to the teams, sounds like some good play along the way so we’ll look forward to some stories and pictures on your return!  (Individual events follow the teams.)

PS: Anyone who is a club member who is up for seeing the movie Ping Pong, TTNZ have sent us details of a discount which is available here.

Manawatu Veterans Doubles Tournament (Sat Aug 17)

TT ManawatuHimatangi Transport Veterans Graded Open Doubles
This annual Veterans event hosted by the Manawatu Veterans Table Tennis Club will be held on Saturday 17th of August. It is open to anyone over the age of 40. Get some friends together and drive up in the same car and make a day of it! It will be held at Barber Hall Waldergrave Street, Palmerston North. Enter (by Aug 14) with Don Cooper whose details are on the entry form (below).

Here is the entry form (click for a printable size or to see the details):

2013 Yasaka TTW Open July 13 & 14

Yasaka-logoYou are hereby invited to enter into our next Open Rating tournament which is the 2013 Yasaka Table Tennis Wellington Open.

Form: as a doc or as a pdf.

Conditions: 2013 Wgtn Open Conditions

Entries close Wednesday 10 July at 9pm with Paul Solt.