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Next ITTF Level 1 Coaching – Auckland June 4-6/11-12

FYI the next ITTF-PTT L1 Coaching Course will be held in Auckland at the Waitemata Table Tennis Stadium in Henderson over 2 weekends 4th to 6th June (Queens Birthday) and 11th to 12th June. Please refer to the flyer for further details.

Also refer to the TTNZ Coach Pathways document which is Objective 4 from the TTNZ High Performance Business Plan.

Wellington Regional SportsFest ’15 (Schools)

Feedback from the Wellington City Council was that the SportsFest event for schools went off brilliantly and they got a lot of really positive feedback from the kids who played table tennis – so thanks to Bruce Northover, Rob Chung, Kevin Haines & Richard Lee for doing the hard yards on making this happen!

There are a pile of great photos from the event here:

Day 1 photos
Day 2 photos (go to page 6)

NZ Juniors Teams Completed & Liam Buckrell Player of the Day!

(liberally extracted from this TTNZ article)

[…] the Wellington Association has had a lot to savour from the opening 3 days of the tournament. The efforts of coaches Hayden Tapp, Depak Patel and Paul Solt are showing rich dividends as their players have kept upsetting more favoured opponents.

Hui Ling Vong finished the under 15 teams event unbeaten, a huge feat, while brother Chun Kiet was also impressive [in the U18s].

In the evening session for under 18 boys, Sean Hanson was most impressive in beating National Junior Nathan Watson in straight sets.


Jonathan Li (Counties), Liam Buckrell (Wellington)
There were also some exciting and meritorious performances in the closing stages of the teams event, with one match providing our player of the day, Liam Buckrell – from Wellington of course, pictured here with his valiant opponent Jonathan Li from Counties.

These two boys were pitched together at 3-3 in a match which would decide silver in the under 13 boys B Grade. But, from the crowd gathered alongside one could have been forgiven for thinking it was the under 18 boys final. After a very tense fourth set the players shaped up for the deciding set, wondering who would keep their nerve longest.

Jonathan seemed to have prevailed when he stretched out to 10-6 after a number of long counter-hitting rallies. But Liam knuckled down to the job, returning every shot with interest and accuracy, and confounded everybody to triumph 12-10. It seemed a shame there had to be a loser in this contest.

One can only wonder what might have happened if Hayden Tapp had gone out to buy a lotto ticket instead of bench-coaching at this tournament – given the results versus the odds so far.

Berdy Fang ensured that Wellington did not have things all their way today, with two good wins over Frank Fu and Sean Hanson in under 18 boys.


Some of these juniors certainly know how to entertain and thrill!

– from this TTNZ article, thanks!

Table Tennis New Zealand Junior Nationals Teams Report

B grade Silver Medals
B grade Silver Medals
A grade Silver Medals
A grade Silver Medals

Infinity FoundationWellington took a squad of 8 players to the New Zealand Junior Nationals this year and every member came home with a medal!

The Under 18 team of Chun-Kiet Vong, Gareth Telfer, Ben Westenra and Ian Wang started their campaign with a grading match against Waikato to try and qualify for the A grade. They fought hard but were beaten 4:1 in the contest. Chun-Kiet won the only singles match. They then moved on to compete in the B grade getting through to the final before going down very closely 3:4 to Auckland 3. Chun-Kiet did exceptionally well winning 100% of his singles matches in B grade!

The Under 15 Team of Frank Fu, Sean Hanson and Adam Xiong did very well in the A grade. They topped there side of the group with wins over North Harbour 5:2, Auckland 2 5:2 and Northland 7:0. In the semi Final they accounted for their local rivals Manawatu 5:2. The final was against Auckland 1 who proved to be too strong however Adam raised his game to beat Roger Wang (one of Auckland’s best) to save us a from a white wash and result of 1:4. No other teams got a match off Auckland 1.

Hui-Ling Vong ended up as a draft player in two teams. Cook Islands in the under 13’s and North Harbour in the under 15’s. She was the star player in both teams. The Cook Islands team finished in 3rd place and Hui-Ling then enjoyed the extra support from the Cook Islands players and families for the rest of the tournament! North harbour finished 2nd in a round robin competition with Auckland, Canterbury and New Caledonia. Auckland won, but not before Hui-Ling took a very well fought win over her long time rival Nai Xin from Auckland (for the 1st time!) The teams events concluded with medals all round. It was a great effort and an outstanding result.

Thanks must go out to Hayden Tapp who assisted me with enthusiasm and quality in his coaching role and to Gabrielle Telfer for her management and cooking skills. Everyone was well fed and on time to every event. Also a mention to Sophie Telfer for her help to us all and to Till Armbruster (The Telfer’s homestay student) who unfortunately couldn’t play for us, but was a great team member, camera operator and hitting partner for the rest of the team.

-Paul Solt
Head Coach

Huge thanks to the Infinity Foundation for their support on the coaching and expenses!

Wellington players in the TTNZ Squads for 2013

Congratulations to three local Wellington players who were selected by Table Tennis New Zealand for the 2013 national squads. Be sure to pass on your congratulations next time you see them!

  • Frank Fu (boys under-15)
  • Chun-Kiet Vong (boys under-15)
  • Hu-Ling Vong (junior girls)

This will be a great opportunity for these players to train at the top next year and reach new levels of play. No doubt some of this will rub off on the rest of us!

Full listings are here.

While on the subject of the top players in New Zealand check out Matt Heatherington’s blog post on Feedback From NZ’s Top Ranked.

9th Annual Pelorus Trust Stadium Sports Festival

Calm before the storm
A few weeks ago, on Tuesday the 6th of March, 600 year five and six primary school students from the Wellington region attended the 9th Annual Pelorus Trust Stadium Sports Festival at Westpac Stadium. Thanks to coach Stephen Hirst and helpers (Rob Chung is in a picture below) table tennis was be one of the 18 sports involved.

Organised by Sport Wellington, the annual Pelorus Trust Stadium Sports Festival aims to expose primary school children to a variety of different sports. This year 54 schools applied to attend the event, of which only 20 spots were available. Given the delicate weather requirements of table tennis, outdoors was ruled out but thanks to Jamie Milne at Sport Wellington a place for table tennis was found within the concourse area (along with a couple of other similarly weather-sensitive sports).

While no doubt Stephen & co were run ragged by the end of the day, he reported the day as a great success and well worth the effort. They were able to distribute hundreds of leaflets listing the Wellington junior clubs to students and teachers and interest was high.

Coolmoves, the pros.
One of the main hurdles was how to get tables from the Newtown stadium out to the Westpac stadium and back. Especially given that the Donic tables we have there need to be transported upright and in one piece. We owe many thanks to Coolmoves who were able to very professionally move eight tables to and from the Westpac stadium! Without Coolmoves we could not have been there.

The age range here parallels the primary/intermediate & junior club coaching program that Table Tennis Wellington has also been running with thanks to Pub Charity support. Stephen Hirst is also the coach for this program and has been able to reach many schools and junior clubs in the Wellington area. Programs like this and the stadium event help build the grass-roots base and feed into the junior clubs.

Table Tennis, everyone's favourite!

Bats down, ready for the next group.

Summer Table Tennis – where to get it?

As an overview on what table tennis is on and when during the summer period here is some information. (If you have any info to add please comment or let me know.)

Summer Interclub

Summer interclub (team competition, a bit more casual than the main winter interclub season) is broken into two distinct (unrelated) phases, first the Composite Interclub (see here and here). Second the ‘pre-season’ (late summer) summer interclub round with a format to be determined. For more details watch this blog or keep in contact through your club.

Your club

Some clubs remain open with a small break, others close for a summer break. Consider visiting a different club every now and again – chances are you’ll play people you’ve never played before.

  • Waterloo: starts again early March (probably the first week).
  • Onslow: starts again late March.
  • Tawa: Porirua East School, 8 Martin Street, Porirua East (turn right to hall prior to parking area). Operates from 7pm each Wednesday night April to October.
  • Titan: open through the summer except for 4 weeks off from mid December. Key hire for the Newtown stadium is available too, contact Table Tennis Wellington.
  • Belmont: running until the 25th of November and is starting up again in the middle of March.
  • Karori: finishes November 21, starting again late February or early March, to be determined.
  • Empire: The the last Monday night is Dec 12, the last midweek – Tuesday Dec 20 then opening casually from Jan 17 (officially Feb 2), and the last Junior club is Friday Nov 11. Opening dates for Mondays & Fridays to be determined.
  • Moonshine & Victoria University: – refer to club contact information here.

For more details or for other clubs refer to the club contact information here.


Summer is a good time to start and get into a regular fitness pattern, if you find one that fits your schedule and you can enjoy it, then you’ll be more likely to keep it up through the whole year (um, this is do as I say, not as I do). I remember talking to a veteran player who noted that he would tend to win more often as the winter wore on, as other people got less fit! A fair-weather runner like myself will be one of his easy victims come Composite Interclub…

Elite squad coach Stephen Hirst recommends:
“… it is always good in the off season to build your base fitness, i.e. lots and lots of cardio, skipping, running running and more running. As you get about 2 months out before the season starts I liked to taper off the running and start to replace that with more speed work like shuttle runs between two cones 20 metres apart. Start introducing more strength stuff with weights like squats for your quads. My favourite was jumping over a wooden bench traditionally found in schools 3 x 1 minute, it really kills you but gets you very explosive for the start of the season. Also continue this exercise throughout the season… This is all I used to do and can highly recommend it.”

The Karate KidMy tip: paint the fence – if it worked for The Karate Kid it will work for you.
At least get out there and mow the lawn…


There are probably a hundred unpaid volunteers of some kind that help run and facilitate table tennis in the Wellington region. If you’re not already one of this bunch, think of something you enjoy doing that could contribute in any way. Put your name forward!

Web watching

Need a quick table tennis fix? Trawl the web looking for table tennis news, blogs and videos, but start with Win Ngyuen’s youtube channel and Matt Heatherington’s TT blog.

Your mate’s house

There is probably a table tennis table at one of your friend’s houses – go there and play and give them a lesson. Nothing will give you more pleasure. Just don’t forget to bring your own bat otherwise you’ll be battling to a 15-all deuce in the 3rd set against their 11 year old son because trying to topspin using their pimple-out no-sponge half-torn up left-in-the-sun fly-swatter only leaves you looping directly into the carpet at your feet.

The ulterior motive is that you could have some more people to bring along to your club. Lend them your real bat or a spare and open their eyes to what it is all about.

Summer project?

You might not have space for a table-tennis table in your own house but…

make a mini table tennis table… then become the best in the world.


Other ideas? Just comment below!

2011 New Zealand Open Championships

Click below for the Teams and Individual Entry Forms for the New Zealand Open Championships to be held in Christchurch from the 12th to the 16th of October, 2011. Please note the closing date of 31st August 2011.

294 Blenheim Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041

Junior Training Squad 2011

The 2011 Silver Trainng squad has been underway for a few weeks now.  Credit must be given to last years coach Andrew Hubbard for the high standard of play and of attitude of the players in the sqaud. Training is on Thursdays 5 to 7pm and Sundays 2 to 4pm.

We have been working towards the North Island Table Tennis Tournament which will be held on Saturday the 30th of April

Players traveling to the tournament are: Ian Wang, Gareth Telfer, Henry Stoupe, Sean Hanson, Liam Cambell and Angela Chapman.

Paul Solt – Wellington Junior Coach

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