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Blast from the Past – 1986 C Grade

This is the latest in a series of articles from Malcolm Wong with flashback looks at an interclub season from the past.

1986 Wellington C Grade Remembered

There were 14 teams in the grade. The first round was section play with 2 sections of 7 teams each. 5 Teams from Section 1 and 3 from Section 2 qualified for Division 1 in the Championship Round. Usually 4 would qualify from each section. The 5th team in Section 1 had more points than the 3rd team from Section 2. The other teams played in Division 2. Two teams were promoted for the D Grade to play in Division 2. Team results and singles averages are attached.

Te Rama went undefeated winning all their matches in Section Play and in Division 1 in the Chanpionship Round. They won 146 out of a possible 168 matches (87%) and their
average winning score was 10.4 out of 12. Brian Hearfield, Malcolm Wong and Jeff Larsen had all been in the Te Rama Team that had finished second in the grade the previous year behind Karori A. They were joined in the team by Olaf Leijon. All four Te Rama players were in the top 10 of the interclub averages.

Brian Hearfield had played since for the club since 1950. He played until 2006 when he was in the winning Apollon A Reserve Team (with Reg Feuz, Dave Pyle, Peter Varuhus). Jeff Larsen had played for Te Rama since 1981. He played C Grade (1981-87) and B Grade (1988-90). He was in the Wellington C Grade Team (1987) in the match against Hutt Valley (Lost 2-10). Malcolm Wong played for Te Rama (1982-98). He also played for Titan (2001 & 2004), Onslow (2006) and Empire (2008 & 2009). Malcolm, with Martin Young, played for the Wellington Men’s Team in the 2004 North Island Teams. Malcolm represented Nelson in the 2005 NZ Champships in the Men’s Teams, and also the Nelson 1 Over 45 Men’s Team (with Mark Nalder) which won the B Grade. New club member Olaf Leijon is from Stockholm, Sweden. He also played B Grade for Te Rama B (1987) with Malcolm Wong and Brian Hearfield, when the team finished runner up in the grade behind Wellington Working Men’s Club. He then returned home to Sweden. Contact has been lost with Jeff Larsen and Olaf Leijon. Please contact Malcolm Wong at if you know where they are.

Runner up Public Service Association (PSA) improved from 6th the previous year. The team had remained the same except that Jim Delahunty had replaced G Murphy. Allan Rasmussen was 3rd in the singles averages. Jim and Bunty Rego had been in the PSA team that won D Grade (1981).

Jim Delahunty had won the D Grade Doubles (1980 & 1981) with Dave Pyle. He also played for the Empire Club and was in their team that won the Hutt Valley B Grade (1996). Jim won the Titan Club Over 60 Singles (1997) and Over 70 Singles (1998 & 1999). He won 6 gold medals at the 1999 Wellington Masters Games Table Tennis. In the Over 55 and 65 Men’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. He won the NZ Veterans Over 65 Mixed Doubles (1992) with Isabel Cleland and Over 70 Men’s Doubles (1998 & 1999) with John Lelliott. He died in September 2010.

Third placed Royals and fourth place Johnsonville retained their same team from 1985.
Ling Tse A, which won Section 2 in the first round, would have been disappointed to finish fifth. Andy Yuan finished 10th in the singles averages.

Division 2 winners, Wellington Working Men’s Club A, included regular Ian Strawbridge, who had previously played for Karori West. Haris Decuapunja was one of two players unbeaten in the grade.

Divison 2 Runner up Johnsonville B were all junior boys. Michael Blackmore would be in the Onslow Team that won A Reserve (1988). He was in the Wellington Under 15 Boys Team (1987-89) and Hutt Valley Under 15 Boys Team (1990). His Wellington Boys team won the 1987 NZ Boys B Grade Teams and he was in the Hutt Valley Boys Team that won the NZ Under 15 Boys A Grade Team (1990). He was in the NZ under 15 Boys team to Australia (1988 & 1990). He won the NZ Boys under 13 Boys Doubles (1987), Under 13 Boys Singles (1988) and Under 15 Boys Doubles (1989).

Michael Blackmore was also a good cricket right handed batsman and was in the NZ Under 19 Cricket Team that toured Pakistan (1994). He played in the 3rd test (31 Jan – 3 Feb) at the Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad and scored 47 in the first innings in the drawn test. All 3 tests were drawn. He also played in the 3rd ODI (12 Feb) at the National Stadium, Karachi against Pakistan and scored 9 runs. The match was won by New Zealand by 56 runs. Pakistan won the ODI series 2-1. He also played for the Wellington Under 20 Team (1992-95), Wellington 2nd X1 (1996) and Hutt Valley (1996-97) and Wellington (2000).

Another junior was Martin Da Costa (Karori). He would be in the Karori Team (with Glen Kirker, Justin Turver, Martin McGraith) that won C1 Grade (1987), and the Onslow B Team (with Simon Fenwick, Jason Granville, Ian Mills) that won Premier 2 (1991). He won the C Grade Doubles (1987) with Glen Kirker, Wellington Secondary Schools Boys Doubles (1989) with Glen Kirker, A Grade Doubles (1990) with Daryl Lew, and the Wellington Regional Men’s Doubles (1992) with Chris Hickling. He was the Onslow Club Singles Champion (1994) and Karori Club Singles Champion (1995). He was in the Wellington Under 15 Boys Team (1987), Under 19 Boys Team (1988-1991) and Men’s Team (1991, 1993-95). His Wellington Men’s Team won the NZ Men’s B Grade Teams (1991 & 1993). He won all his 11 team singles matches (1991).

Martin Young (Ling Tse B) was in his first year playing interclub. He was also to play for Te Rama, Johnsonville Men’s Club and the Empire Club. In the Wellington Masters Games Martin won the Bronze Medal in the1999 Over 35 Men’s Singles and Doubles (with Boyce Wong). He won the Silver Medal in the Over 35 Singles (2000). He won the Hutt Valley Easter Over 35 Doubles (2000) with Malcolm Wong and they were runner up in 2001. In 2004 he was in the Wellington Team with Malcolm Wong that won the NZ Veterans Over 40 Men’s B Grade Teams and they were runner up in the North Island Over 45 Teams.

In the 2005 NZ Masters Games Martin Young, Malcolm Wong and Jim Jarmin, won the Over 35 teams Bronze Medal. Martin and Malcolm with Tony Rutledge won the Over 45 Teams Silver Medal. Martin and Malcolm won the Men’s Over 35 and Over 45 Doubles Bronze Medals. Martin was in the Wellington Over 45 Number 2 Team with John Nguyen and Paul Solt that finished 3rd at the NZ Championships. At the Wellington New Chinese Friendship Association Table Tennis Tournament Martin in the singles finished 3rd (2011) 4th (2012) 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2014). In the Teams, Red Dragon (Martin Young, Harry Chen, Malcolm Wong) won in 2012 & 2013. No team competition was played in 2014. Martin won the 2013 Wellington Autumn Open Singles and Doubles (with Malcolm Wong).

Rob Veale (Police) was the other unbeaten player. At the Grade Championship (Monday 18 August) he won the Singles defeating Alan Ramussen 21-8 21-11. The Doubles was won by Alan Ramussen and Olaf Leijon who defeated Mike and Rob Veale 21-15 21-19.
Rob Veale was to win the A Reserve Singles (1988) defeating Daryl Lew 21-18 21-17 and had the top singles average with 23 wins in 24 games (95.8%).

In the grades match against Hutt Valley (Sunday 10 August) held in Wellington the C Grade Team (Rob Veale, Alan Ramussen, Andy Yuen) won 9-3.

Te Rama (1986 C Grade Champions) Brian Hearfield and Malcolm Wong at the Onslow Club (26 September 2013). Absent – Jeff Larsen and Olaf Leijon.
Te Rama (1986 C Grade Champions) Brian Hearfield and Malcolm Wong at the Onslow Club (26 September 2013). Absent – Jeff Larsen and Olaf Leijon.

– Malcolm Wong
Attachment: 1986 WTTA C Grade Interclub

Joola Winter Interclub Week 4 Results

… are here for all grades: Winter Results Tables Series 1 Week 4

We’re rushing quickly into the business-end of the competition!

Also here are updated/current draw notices for Div 1 & 3 (with improved wording for the playoffs):

Joola Winter Interclub Series 1 Week 3 results also Otago & Hawkes Bay Opens

… are here: Winter Results Tables-Series 1 Week 3

Some further coming tournaments (looking further out we have the Wellington Open on August 1-2):

Hawkes Bay

Saturday 20 June Entry Form (due June 15)

Otago Open

July 18-19 Entry Form & Conditions (due July 3)

Winter Interclub Series 1 Week 2 Results

.. are here: Winter Results Tables-Series 1 Week 2. Let us know if you notice any errors in the stats.

Winter Interclub Series I – Week 1 Results

… are here: 2015 Winter Series 1 Week 1, it looks like a lot of close matches except for a couple of blowouts in Premier.
If you notice any spelling or stat errors let us know.

2015 TTW Winter Interclub Series 1 Draws

2015 TTW Winter Interclub Series I Draws are up: [for updates see here]

2015 Winter Premier Series 1 Draw
2015 Winter Division 1 Series 1 Draw
2015 Winter Division 2 Series 1 Draw
2015 Winter Division 3 Series 1 Draw (updated)

Enjoy the competition which starts this week and runs through until the school holidays.

If you’re not in a team yet contact your club contact to be a reserve player for your club or to get in for Series 2. Series 2 begins July 21/22 and is an opportunity for new teams to enter or to reform Series 1 teams.

2015 Winter Interclub Announcement & Schedule (From May 19/20)

As this weekend’s weather reminds us, winter interclub season is upon us. Clubs are invited to submit entries for the 2015 Winter Interclub season – Series I. Teams come from clubs including composite teams from more than one club.

All the action starts in a few weeks so talk to your club interclub contacts to ensure you are on the team lists and have your up to date contact information.

Timetable – Series I & II

(assuming 6 team grades)

Tues 12 May Entries close for all grades
To be advised Grading matches if required
Tues 19 May Premier & Division 2 grades commence*
Wed 20 May Division 1 & Division 3 grades commence*
6-17 July School holidays (no interclub play – North Island Champs being played)
Tues 21 July Premier interclub recommences/Div 2 Grade Champs*
Wed 22 July Div 1 & 3 Grade Champs*
28/29 July Remaining divisions of interclub recommence
8/9 September Final rounds will be played
15 September Finals night – all grades

NB: There will be no Premier Grade on 1 September due to the National Secondary Schools Champs
*Assuming three grades below Premier

The documents below include Interclub Rules, Entry Form, and the latest Code of Conduct:
2015 TTW Winter Interclub Rules
2015 TTW Winter Interclub Entry Form
2015 Code of Conduct

Summer Interclub Final Results

Congratulations to the summer interclub winning teams:

Premier: Waterloo Wasps (Sean Hanson, Vance Kelly)
Division 1: Titan (Martin Da Costa, Steve Montgomery)
Division 2: Empire Echoes (Reg Feuz, Om Thakur)
Division 3: Empire Eskimos (Jess D’Audney, Diana D’Audney)

Full results:
2015 Summer Interclub Final Result – Premier
2015 Summer Interclub Final Result – Divisions

Summer Interclub Week 5 results

Hi folks, this week is the final night of summer interclub, Premier and Divisions 1 & 2 are 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, and 5 vs. 6 finals…

2015-Summer-Interclub-25-March Premier
2015-Summer-Interclub-25-March Divisions

Summer Interclub Week 4 results

… are here:
2015-Summer-Interclub-18-March-results Premier
2015-Summer-Interclub-18-March-results Divisions

please sanity check these results as we’re coming up to the last two weeks, placings will determine final playoffs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Summer Interclub Week 3 results + Division 3’s continued draw

It’s all here:
2015 Summer Interclub 11 March – Premier
2015 Summer Interclub 11 March – Divisions
2015 Summer Interclub draw continued for Division 3

Below is a picture taken by Reg Feuz of two of the old timers of TTW: Brian Hearfield and Bob Knight who hadn’t seen each other in years and had a great time catching up on Wednesday!

Brian Hearfield and Bob Knight at TTW Summer Intercub
Brian Hearfield and Bob Knight at TTW Summer Intercub

Summer Interclub Round 2 Results

Week 2 results are below:

2015-Summer-Interclub-4-March-results Premier
2015-Summer-Interclub-4-March-results Divisions

FYI the draw schedules are here.

Summer Interclub Round 1 Results

The week 1 results are below (I’m not sure why it prints to two pdf documents but it does…):

2015-Summer-Interclub-25 Feb-results Premier
2015-Summer-Interclub-25 Feb-results Divisions 1-3

If you have any corrections to results or names let us know!

Summer Interclub Draws

Summer Interclub is starting on Wednesday (25th), all Summer grades are here:

2015 Summer Interclub draw Premier
2015 Summer Interclub draw Division 1 (updated)
2015 Summer Interclub draw Division 2
2015 Summer Interclub draw Division 3

FYI the points structure for teams is different this time:

Points: 2 for a win + how many matches won
e.g. 3 – 2 win equals 5 points for winning team and 2 points for losing team

ref the sheets for more details

2015 Summer Interclub

Hi folks, dust off your bats and get into summer interclub. Clubs enter teams so talk to your club contacts right now about getting into a team – in summer we have 2-player teams and individual matches are best-of-7 sets.

Feb 18 – entries due
Feb 25 (Wednesdays) Summer Interclub (expected end: Apr 1 – i.e. 6 weeks)

Here are the details and entry form:

Petone Beach? Matt Hetherington has the low-down on the top-10 places to play table tennis (after Wellington of course!)

Composite Interclub – Finals night full results

Hi folks and Merry Christmas to y’all, earlier we posted the photos from the final night (with the prizegiving). Here are the full final tables for prosperity:

2014 Composite Interclub Final Results Div 1

2014 Composite Interclub Final Results Div 2

Composite Finals and Prizegiving night

Last night in Division 2 The Force (Dean McNicholl, Travis Dyer, Jimi Nelson) justified their top points ranking at the end of the round-robin round with a 7-4 win over Team Grace (Ian Grace, Chris Sutton, Anita Crowe) in the Composite teams finals.

A classic nail-biting finish saw Team Gan (John Gan, Matthew Hobbs, Brendyn Shaw) head off Team Talbot (Ian Talbot, Tony Rutledge, Shane Gibson) in the Division 1 final 6-5 after John beat Ian 19-17 in the 5th game in a 1 vs. 1 clash that went down to the wire and beyond! With Ian fending off around 6 match points to my recollection, John had to save a couple of match points himself before finally coming through.

All this went down as the rest tucked into some pizza and unwound for the evening prior to the prize giving of medals and certificates for the winter and composite teams divisions. Below are a pile of assorted photos from the night.
(Full composite stats spreadsheet coming soon.)

2014 TTW Joola Composite Interclub stats – Week 5

Hi folks, here are the latest results of the TTW Composite Interclub. Division 1 looks to be heading for an exciting final with the top two teams very close on points, and in Division 2 The Force have maintained and increased their lead.

Division 1

Division 2

See you all Wednesday night for both the finals and TTW Prize-giving afterwards!

2014 Prizegiving – following Composite finals (Dec 3)

This is a great chance to come along to socialize with your fellow players and unwind at the end of our season, see you there!
2014 Prizegiving

Latest Composite Interclub Results (week 3)

Results are here, the competition is heating: in Division 1 only one point separates the top three teams; Team McNicholl is starting to pull ahead in Division 2 but can they hang on?!

Division 1
Division 2

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